Fiorella Session


It has been about a year since the last time I had the chance to photograph this beautiful young lady. A lot has happened since then. Graduation, working, traveling!!

Fiorella had contacted me about another session and we got a date together to shoot. The weather was nice, we had a great breeze, and a beautiful location that we were able to take advantage of. When asked about her outfit, she told me she had this cute yellow top she wanted to wear, and of course I was excited to see some bright colors. I mean why not? Summer is right around the corner!!

When we got together, I was even more excited because she had the perfect look with this cute outfit!! With the perfect somewhat cloudy day with the sun peeking out here  and there!

I really wanted her to stand out in her photos and of course as a photographer we have to be mindful and really pay attention to the surroundings in a photo not to take away from the person we are photographing. we started off at this little park that’s called the Tree House, which is a huge oak tree made into a large tree house. we captured some shoots up and downstairs. we then moved and drove around the corner to another park that had so many different locations you really wouldn’t now we were in the same location. Her session was awesome.

I used every location that we could and ruled out nothing at all. There were these red orange tables the really popped with her outfit. Then the grey poles. I have actually used this location more then two times, but always find another way to use it.

It’s really something how you can take one location ad make it look different each time.

IMG_9142.jpegThere were these really cool Red poles that are actually water sprinklers for the kids to run through in the summer. Perfect, perfect, perfect!!! Then closer to the playground were the large wooden logs that had this climbing net under it.

I even used the bike rack. I mean why not! Not even a good ten minutes away from home and around so many things. Stopped for a break, got some snacks, and went back to shooting.

Last we were about ready to go and as we were walking back to the car in the parking lot I stopped and saw this little, but tall patch of grass and asked her to neal down. The sun decided to come out just a little which gave me a perfect setting making it look like were in a field instead of in a parking lot.

image_6483441If your looking for a beautiful gallery to cherish like hers, contact me so we can set up a free consultation and talk about what your looking for. All you have to do is head over to my contact page and send me a message. Can’t wait to connect!!!


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