If you struggle on outfits, but want something that will make you look nice for your senior pictures, there are a ton of recourse you can look up. One of my favorites is Pinterest!



There are so many key words you can put in for every style. If your looking for something more suburban, dressy, casual, formal, it doesn’t matter. Any and all of those styles can be dressed up to fit your style and give you the look your looking for.

I also tell clients that you don’t always have to go out and buy a new outfit for a shoot. There are plenty of things you can find right in your closet. Yes! Think about an outfit you have. The average person usually takes that same outfit, Jeans or shorts and pair them to the same thing. How about mix and matching them up to get a totally different look. Pair them with some different jewelry to give it a new fresh look as well. Just by adding a necklace, or a pair of earrings will make the whole outfit pop fresh! Go ahead, try it. Get something out your closet, pair it with something different, add some different earrings that you may not usually wear with it, add a different necklace. Try something bold! Watch just how that same outfit look new!!

Add bracelets, add a shirt to tie around the waist!! Yes, all these things can make one outfit look new.

When it comes to outfits, your shoes also make a difference in how you make that outfit look.

Either outfit above can be worn with heels, sandals, or some simple flats and you will get a new fresh look each time.

Heels will give you a more dressy girly sexy look. Tennis shoes will give you a more down look and sandals will give you a nice casual look.


Don’t forget your belt. I have hats that would match and add some glam to your outfits as well. Hats can go with dressy or casual outfits.

Think about this when your getting ready for your senior session. I know everyone wants to wear something no one has seen before, something new, but just remember, you can also take those same outfits you have and make them brand new again.

When you book, and we do your free consultation for your senior pictures, we will talk and go over all the details about outfits and what your looking for.

Don’t forget to check out Pinterest for some ideas to help you.

Some of the sites I love on Pinterest are

@Privity Boutique, @Lulus, @Zuful

Keep in mind that if you do decide to order any outfits to make sure you order them in enough time to have before your session. Nothing like getting an outfit, realizing it don’t fit and then having to scramble to find something, and it’s  not what you really want.

Start planning for your senior casual pictures and start looking and deciding on outfits.

Can’t  wait to work with you!!