Alexis Session


This cute boho dress I ordered as soon as I saw it!! I knew I wanted a shoot in something like this. The colors are awesome, and with summer pretty much here, I wanted to showcase some colors!!

Alexis came out and braved the heat. The weather had been real cloudy at first and the mornings had been pretty cool. Go figure with Houston weather. It was still morning pretty much when we went out to shoot, but it wasn’t cool anymore, we had to brace the heat. This little boho dress wasn’t thin.

One of the main features I loved about this dress was the sleeves and the way that it flares out. Alexis was a pro In actually laying the sleeve out so that you could get the feel of the dress. The whole time she was more worried about Getting it dirty then anything else.

We started off by the water and the water fall and the moved across the street to all the Rocks. We sat by the sun flowers, where I almost stepped on a bull frog who was  buried  Under the dirt. We claimed to the top of the rocks where they just laid out fresh mulch and even sat in it. Not that we minded but Alexis didn’t want all the mulch to stick on the sleeves  and be hard to clean. I wasn’t worried about that.

There was one thing truly missing from this shoot which would have made it all I wanted, and that was the volks wagon bus.

Not complaining at all because she rocked this shoot, not to mention she wore it so well because she actually has some native heritage in her blood!!! You can’t tell me this head piece and the outfit didn’t bring it out in her looks!!!!

Thank you  Alexis for being a great model and allowing me to use this outfit on you. Sorry you had to deal with the heat, but you nailed it!!!!