Fiorella Shoot


This boho dress has become a favorite with all those beautiful bright colors!

When I first saw this dress, I knew I had to buy it and add to my beginning styles closet!! With the head piece on it really adds to the dress, not to mention the two young ladies that I have done a shoot in it with, has truly helped to bring out the native in them.

Firoella was one of the first to respond to the model shoot for it. We went to a location I used for the other session, but used the area a little different this time around.

Afterwards we moved to another location before the sunset, plus there was so much going on where we were. I mean it is Senior session time for graduation, and if I tell you there were a ton of people out taking grad pics!


So we took our shoot to the next location, which I’m glad we did. We had the opportunity to go on the bridge and at sunset it’s such a beautiful view!!

OMG!!! Let me tell you!!! Lol!!! As we were taking some shoots a family started to pass by, so we stoped for them to pass. The father asked was she famous. I looked at him confused a little and said “Not yet but she will be!”

He asked if him and his family could have a picture with her. She looked at me so shocked and I took his phone am snapped a view pictures for them. They were so grateful and said thank you. I swear Fiorella was so In shocked. I mean hey she looked like a movie star for real!!!


I promise she had so many heads Turing with that outfit and people really wondering what was going on. I love doing what I do. Making them feel good is one thing. I’m just the added person with the camera lol. But for real, photography is an art mastered, I’m no where near what I would like to be yet but I have an art and an eye for what I want to photography.


I love to get people in front of the camera and show them just how beautiful they are, not just inside but also on the outside!! If your looking or wanting a styled shoot, or even just a shoot let’s chat!!!