2020 seniors!

2020 seniors, your turn has finally came!!!


How exciting is it to know your senior year is finally here? Your at the top! You have survived the  awkward  Freshman year being called a “Fish”. Well if they even do that anymore lol. Maybe that was just when we were in high school, ok ok so you’ve survived 9th grade, passed sophomore and  Junior year!!



Now you are that big time senior with so much more on your plate! Applying for collages, thinking about what’s next after High school. Don’t let senior pictures be a worry as well. You can either take your senior pictures early, in the fall or wait till the spring with the rush.


Cap and gown don’t even come in till late in the school year. To be exact right about two weeks before school let out!!

I had the pleasure of getting these two best friends in front of the camera for senior pics. It was so hot outside even during the sun setting hours. One thing about being able to take pics with a friend is that you will always get a good laugh and some really great natural pics. They help build one another up and feel good about themselves. These two were all over it with the comments and the natural love for one another.


The love that best friends are suppose to have for each other. I swear they made sure one another was good with hair clothes and everything. One would be like fix this or fix that or either they would do it for them. I was so use to actually making sure everything was in place that it was nice to have them look out for each other.


We had one location with a few different spots, and we made sure to use what we could for the pics.


Summer has some of the best lighting to get your senior pics taken, it may be hot, but there are so many different things we can do in the summer for your casual pics. The locations are perfect with the perfect bloom.

For all the  2020 seniors, your tine is coming. Senior pics are an important memory to have, the next time you will probably have professional pictures done are either for your collage graduation, and that’s a big maybe, but usually the next time anyone usually have their next photo session is for their engagement or wedding. Getting your senior pictures if done right comes with being able to get a beautiful senior album, and I have added something special for my seniors to be able to get this year with their senior session!


parents want prints and invites to send to the family about your big day! The labs that I go through for my professional images are non but the best, so skip getting your well worth pictures printed at Walgreens or a local store where your images will not reflect the beauty they really are. If your wanting to schedule your senior session be sure to contact me so that we can all meet up(with parents) and have a free consultation.