Dynique session

Dynique session was a little different then what we usually do. This time we decided to do an inside shoot at the studio!


She came with the camo and I love camo! I think that camo can make such a bold jester. With the green camo pants she wore a red shirt  that she got made for her birthday!



She also came with another cute outfit that fit her so well. The one thing that we were missing were some balloons to go for a really great look I was looking for, but with all the props and chairs that were there we made it work.

We also tried the backdrops that were there as well. We actually had planned on going outside and taking some more pictures, but it literally started to storm outside and as we were shooting inside we actually noticed all the clouds that were rolling in.



Sometimes right when you have a session planned and there is something in that session you really really look forward to, it just goes against you, so you have to find other ways to make it work. With my group of Reps. They have a free Birthday session they get to take at no extra cost to them.

It doesn’t have to be right when your birthday is, although most like to post for their big day. Even if they didn’t get a chance to get them done in time for their birthday I still offer them the chance to get them done. It’s just something about being able to show off a session for your birthday!! Studio sessions are pretty cool!!


I like to have plenty of time to be able to plan for your day, as well as the client having plenty of time being able to find the outfit they really want, especially if it has to be ordered. Think about getting a birthday session next time, and if you have an idea for something let me know. We can make it come alive.


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