Friendship and Sibling sessions!


I get asked a lot about being able to have a friend or a sibling being able to shoot with them during a Senior session, and that answer is yes. One of the things I like to make sure is that you are more the comfortable in front of the camera. Besides most of the time if you have someone there that you like having around, you will get the best of the silly laughing poses which parents love.


Parents love to see images with their kids and Seniors smiling in photos, where as you have most teenagers who would rather have the straight face when taking photos. I tr to do my best to get both. I will say or do anything to get a laugh or smile. I’m a silly person and a kid at heart. I will tell you that I do not like a photo with a fake smile that look like you were forced to smile. Trust me when I say that it really does show in the photo believe it or not. Haven’t you ever looked back at an old photo from school or grade school and asked yourself “Why am I smiling like that” I know we all have at lest one picture that we can relate to. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. If I am going to capture a picture with you smiling then I’m going to make sure that it’s a true genuine smile.

Now the great thing about being able to photograph with a friend or sibling is that your parents are able to get some great updated photos of siblings, and if your photographing with a friend then you will have some great memories together. You can take as many selfies as you like with a friend, but it is very rare that you are able to take some professional photos together to have for a lifetime to talk about. I have had the pleasure of photographing siblings with a birthday session, which is a lot of fun to share the spotlight with. It’s pretty tricky because you don’t want to take away from the birthday client, so you have to make sure to get plenty of them and then have their sibling or friend jump in. I find it so humbling when they want to share their session.


Your senior pictures are truly something to cherish and have for years to come, if you decide to have a friend or siblings with you for a shoot just make sure that it’s something you would really like to have. Check with your photographer and see if there is an extra fee involved for them to join or if the session actually includes a sibling or friend. Most photographers will have that included, but of course you just want to ask those questions when you are looking for a photographer.

At this time of your going to be a 2020 senior, it’s not to early to start planning for your senior year pictures. The fall is the best time to start getting those casual sessions done. Summer is coming to an end and it’s going to be a load of decisions and work load on you. Start thinking about if you would like to include someone in your special time. Don’t feel obligated to because if you want all the spot light by all means go ahead!!!



When you are ready to book your senior senior get with a parent and have them contact me so that we can sit for a free consultation about your senior session and what you want! Can’t wait to connect!!


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  1. Magical Memories by Michelle says:

    I definitely agree! BFF sessions are priceless when you can look back on them in 20 years. Otherwise, all you’ll have are a few selfies. Having pictures taken of siblings is such blessing for parents too! Mom’s heart will overflow with joy!

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