Arjhanae Session



Today I’m doing a throw back for a session I did with one of my team Reps. Arjhanae.

This session was really a joy to do. I had decided on a location that would go so great with the outfit that she picked out, and the red braids that she had in her hair really stood out to fit her perfectly. The weather was great! We decided to do the session close to sunset as most of my clients love because of that last glow of  sun and the way it looks! I always get there more then enough time before sunset because let’s be honest, the sun waits for no one and it always seems as though it sets faster then anything when your trying to get the shot!

We started off near the water and the dock that was there with these wooden log benches.

Her outfit was this cute little jumper that opened up in the front. She wore these brown open bills that laced up and these huge hoops that stood out perfectly.


We then moved on over to the bridge which if faced the right way has such a beautiful view! This bridge had a bird watch telescope on it so I had her go stand near it. Just with the sun setting and the light hitting just right on her we were able to get this cute shot of her with the birdwatch.


Just look at the glow off of her!

This location can be used in so many ways if used the right way. These grey poles are beautiful just by the way they stand. Because they aren’t just standing straight up but in different directions, it makes them unique.

I placed her in between the two poles and had her look away from me and then I had her stand just in between the two and give the pole a little hug.

7DB36B7A-44F9-4C69-ADAD-49DA7FA8AFA8Since I had the sun in the perfect location and we were at the top of the bridge I had her turn her back just away from the sun and lean on the rail. I wanted that glow! Well the glow I definitely got!


I was in love with this session and to be honest I still am! The colors were perfect! That’s one of the great benefits of the summer days. Sessions are great during any time of season depending on where you stay. I love outdoor natural light photography just as much as I love studio, but outside locations can give you so much more for what your going for.

Think about when you want your session done. Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring! When thinking about the season also think about location and what it looks like. In the winter may not give you the beautiful colors like Spring, Fall, or Summer, but maybe your looking for studio at that time with a sweater jeans and boots! Making those decisions play a great role in deciding on when you want to get your session done. Also think about if that’s a busy time for your photographer.

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  1. Magical Memories by Michelle says:

    Love her style! Those shoes are awesome!!!

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