I’m sure that you have been seeing all the pictures of Raven on my instagram page! If not then your in the right spot to see them all. We went out and did a little mini session. The reason behind this mini session was because I am in the middle of creating my style closet and I wanted to test out an outfit that I had added with some small jewelry.

One of the things that I have been wanting to do is to create and build my style closet, for anyone coming to take pictures can have a big verity to choose from, as well as mix and match with something that they might already have and own. So when i saw these cute yellowish striped shorts I knew that I had to get them with the white tank. The jean jacket I had already had in a light color which you see on her and a dark color which I didn’t want to pair with this outfit. Then the jewelry i found on clarence and had to get it. The bracelets were so cute, topped off with the earrings and the shades.

I had her come in an outfit that I helped her pick out because I wanted something with  colors, and that tank top that she had was more then perfect. when we finished with the first outfit we made a move to go ahead and head over to the park before we missed that great sunset light. This time for the shoot I bought along the black hat to add to the frame of he session. The wind decided that it wanted to blow at that time so we put it back in the car and headed on out around the park. We gathered any and every little area that we could. We went from the trail to the bridge to a very very very small patch of flowers that the bees were trying to get the last of the pollen from them, which in that case we moved around until we found another small patch to capture the pic I wanted to go for. My only complaint was that the flowers had been cut down so they didn’t come to the height that I really wanted them to, but that’ts ok. I still got the shot that I was going for.


Oh did I happen to mention that I love the two little buns!!!! Raven had her hair down with her natural curls showing, and I wanted a little different look with the second outfit so I helped her make the little buns and she didn’t even get to see what they looked like until after I had taken some pictures and then showed her. LOL she actually liked them a lot.

If you are at any time not sure or feel like you don’t really have something that you can wear to a shoot, I am building my style,closet, but all you have to do is reach out to me and I bet you that we can pull something together even if it’s out of your closet. Just a little mix and match here and there, and some things that you may have never thought to put together will come out better then you think.


Take a loot in some of the fashion magazines and just look at some of the outfits that they have on, and then think about how the fashion world thinks about it! It’s always something so unique and out of the normal.


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