The Guys sessions!!!

Ok, so most guys don’t like getting pictures taken, well let me put that differently lol!!


most guys don’t like to get their pictures taken professionally when a parent wants them to get pictures done, let alone senior pictures. If they were taking a picture with a friend or a selfie to post on snap chat or instagram for friends and followers they are all open.


Why do you think this is? Guys are not like females who absolutely love to be in front of the camera, but some are. Guys tend to feel awkward in front of the camera with someone they don’t know. First they are expected to dress up all nice in something they probably don’t want to be in, and then they are expected to go and just get in front of a camera with someone directing them to pose and smile. Uuumm ok!! Guys you have to come across a little different. We have time to get to know the females a little better then we do with the guys,  one of those reasons is because the females come in for full hair and makeup. There isn’t much that need to be done with guys.


A nice hair do and dressed and ready to go. So with the guys when we meet with them and their parents for their consultation, that’s our time to really get to know him and see what he likes. From there we need to take that information we  learned and build his session around that. If he plays football have him bring a football or letterman jacket. Even his uniform and work around that. Make him feel more comfortable. If you have to start his session with something that fits him more then do that if it helps to loosen him up.

Now that you may have him talking and a little more comfortable in front of the camera and with you, now you can move on to other outfits that he may have brought, casual, dressy. Also don’t forget to talk to him all during the session as well. Showing him behind the camera just like we do the females. Tease him about looking like a model, (which I’m sure he does) asked him about favorite T.V shows or characters he like and why. Ask questions that might get a natural smile or laugh.

Guys are easier and harder all at the same time. Make it fun!! Parents will love you for getting some natural awesome pictures of their son.


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  1. Magical Memories by Michelle says:

    Yes!!! You really nailed it with these pictures! I think a lot of guys go into it thinking they won’t have fun, but once you get started they love it!


    1. Thank you and yes I agree with that as well. I get a lot of feedback from the parents about how much fun they had!


  2. This is such a great idea for getting guys more comfortable in front of the camera.


  3. Deanna Webber says:

    I do love when guys come in stand offish and unsure, then they get comfortable and open up. Momma’s love the end result! These are awesome tips!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes mamma’s are usually shocked!!


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