Alexis Mini documentary




Today I am doing something a little different for my blog post. My blog is a small documentary of a senior, who has recently graduated. When  I started photographing Alexis, she really touched me after I received back her questionnaire for senior photos. This  made me want to really learn a little more about her.


This blog post was based on a questionnaire I sent Alexis to fill out and I narrated it with her speaking.. I wanted to share this blog post for a couple of different reasons. Many times young ladies and men in school are bullied and parents are not aware, as well as going through society thinking we have to look or dress a certain way to be accepted, or loved. That’s not true. It’s all about who you are and loving that person in and out. As Photographer’s we know that confidence shows through your pictures.

Take a moment and listen to her story and even leave a comment afterwards!


Hello! My name is Alexis.S.

I have been a dancer for five years but I have expanded my dance to hula hoop dancing which lead to fire spinning and now I have been doing that for 4 to 5 years.

I’m 18 years old. I came across Shunta with Pink Lilly Photography through a childhood friend of mine who’s name is also Alexis, who had been shooting with her and suggested that I contact her for a shoot.

When I first met with Shunta I was extremely excited and nervous, I was hoping that I could pose how she envisioned me and that I’ll meet her expectations for a good model. she made me feel comfortable with myself and the pictures we were taking, and by the end of the shoot I was excited to try new poses and ideas.

I have felt low about myself, my looks, my voice and my talents and abilities since I was younger due to bullying and negative comments my biological father used to say to and about me. Although my self-esteem is not the best I still manage to live my day, day by day and the feed off the small amount of positive words whether it be someone giving me a small compliment on my success, or looks. I’m living my best days on that, which allows me to build my self-esteem and find new things to love about myself.



I could give a list on what I’d like to change about myself but I wouldn’t do any of them because I feel like I am a better person because of what I have experienced. The hardest thing I have been through would be coming to terms with and overcoming my many disorders.

When I was diagnosed with bipolar anxiety and manic depression as well as anorexia I ended up in the hospital because I tried to commit suicide, this was hard for both my family and myself because no one knew how to overcome these disorders but knew we had to get through it. I was easily saddened and the simplest things would put me into depression, I had a hard time eating weather because I was trying to fix myself “for a date” or fix my looks. even eating made me feel repulsive. I would have horrible panic attacks in which sitting still was impossible and breathing felt Impossible, they became so bad that I would black out due to hyperventilation.

When I woke up in the hospital and saw how sad my family was, the way that they were crying and confused as to why, it made me change things, gave me motivation because my little brother found it hard to go about his daily due to fear of losing me. I will admit it’s not easy and I still struggle, but focusing on the more beautiful things in life like being able to see how beautiful the sun is rising in the morning and being able to put a smile on somebody else’s face. Seeing the progress I have made has help me to look past it all.

having the opportunity to be photographed and used as a model has made me tend to focus on the outcome of the photos and after the first couple of shoots I have found to see more beauty in myself and have come to be more confident about my looks.

It has been an honor to model and get photos taken by Shunta, I never expected my photos to be featured on another Instagram page let alone a magazine,(smiling) but she has made that possible.

She goes into a shoot with an idea and makes you come alive, I truly feel beautiful in her photos, and I’ve had a hard time finding a photographer that can do that for me. I think I should add that despite my doubt about myself Shunta always finds a way to make you feel beautiful weather through small comments she makes throughout the shoot or the photos she delivers at the end. I’d like to thank Shunta for being such an amazing photographer and helping me build my confidence back up.


Alexis .S.

Being who you are and loving who you are are so important in life. I love my motto “JUST BE YOU” and there are a lot of photographers who also due the beautiful campaign for anti bullying.


From the time that I actually met Alexis till now, we still have a connection. I have since then photographed her and I also have a project that I’m working on with her as well as some of the other seniors that have graduated high school already. I have a project with them telling their stories, and to be honest I really can’t wait to share it!!

Alexis is a very brave and strong young lady who was willing to share all of this with everyone before graduating. To be a part of making her see the true beauty she is will always be something far more special!

Alexis story was also shared and published inside of Inspiring Teens Magazine who’s was an honor and also really made her and her mom so proud!



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