I had a great time getting this young lady back in front of my camera. A former senior and a Rep on my team. Riyah was in town for a little visit and I just had to get her back in front of the camera.

It was a last min decision on where to shoot, and so we had to think quick to find the right location. I thought about a park I go to. I would have loved to go downtown, but for other reasons we couldn’t make that one. It wasn’t a big deal, it’s all about using the location to your advantage.

Her biggest cheerleader is her sister who is also a rep on my team and a senior this year. It’s always a joy to have them together because I love the bond that they have with one another. When I get them both in front of the camera it’s magic!!!


Anyone who knows Riyah in front of my camera knows that this young lady always rocks it!! She came in a great fitted mustard colored button down dress and these clear hills that topped it off!

The weather was perfect outside with just the amount of wind blowing and some great sunlight, enough to get just the lighting I needed for every angle she was in.

I even took a backdrop with us and tried that out to see how that would work. It was only a test and I had my two helpers holding it up.


We stayed over in the one location for awhile just walking to different areas to get a different shot, but each shot was a keeper!

I have a lot of girls that are looking into getting into modeling or even building their portfolio. If your looking to get in front of the camera and get to being comfortable let me know. We can shoot in different locations, in or out, and we are able to get dressy, casual, or just down to earth! You can contact me in my contact page for more information.

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