Arjhanae Throwback Session



Here is a throwback blog post with Arjhanae who I had the pleasure of having on my Senior Model Rep team. We had planned on meeting at this location which is one that I love to go to. They have this huge beautiful bridge that spreads over a large set of man made lake with a gorgeous park that I have also did sessions at.

we came right before the sunset of course to get that golden hour light that everyone loves including myself. We actually started over near another body of water on the dock they have so that we could shoot before the sun started to set. Why? Because on top of the bridge with the sun setting is just over the top beautiful lighting. The picture I have below shows just that golden hour light!


I mean look at the view behind her! This place has been the center of some gorgeous shoots for birthdays, Fourth of July and so much more. The outfit she had picked was perfect when I paired her up with the bird watch. The colors that she had were just perfect because it wasn’t to much or to little and with the touch of red in her hair it fit perfectly. I was so at awe that every little corner, or every little area we came across I wanted to catch a shot there.
I will be honest, as soon as I saw that bird watch i knew I wanted a shot with her near it.

This session was actually her second session with me. The very  first session was at our meet up for my Senior Reps, team and that was the first time that I actually met Arjhana. The team also got a chance to do each individual shoots with me as well as a whole. You would of never thought that she was ever nervous in front of the camera. When I take the time to look back at all the sessions from the crew it’s crazy to actually see the confidence and change they go through. It’s like watching my own kids grow up! That’s the kind of bond we actually build together as well!

One of the main things I like to build up is confidence with one self. 



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  1. Andrea says:

    Stunning photos! The posing and light and setting make this a killer photo session!


    1. Thank you! We had great light that evening


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