Ever wonder what your photographer is talking about when they talk about finding locations based off your outfits?


Crazy as it may seem, yes we really do go off outfits. A location and an outfit plays an important role together. Don’t get me wrong yes we can have an outfit and be at a location and make it work, but when you find the location that fits perfect to your outfit magic comes together with that image. This session I did a while back for a special young lady was all done at a mall, Yes a mall that was starting to go down before they started to fix it up again.


The one above was on the side of the mall. I loved the light that was coming in from there and the trees that were planted there. I found it to be the perfect background for what I wanted with her look. We even went to the back of the mall were the loading docks use to be. It wasn’t the prettiest of locations, but with the right view you can get just what you want.


As a photographer we drive to take the best in order to give you the best. The view that we see are totally different then what someone else may see, and that includes locations.
I also try to use as much of that location as I can. We used the parking lot, as well just for some really simple shots, some were actually off guard.



The others were taken on the side of the building and then there was one that we took on a car. Locations are key to getting you some great photos, and even though I have a motto of “Just Be You” I still match location with the outfit your coming with.


when you book your session we talk about locations and outfits and so much more at your consultation. It’s all about trying to make it happen for you, it’s your session. We will do our very best to find what your looking for to give you the best images.

If you’re ready to book your senior session then go ahead and contact me so we can start setting up your free consultation visit!


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  1. This is a great post explaining why it is so important to match outfits to locations! As a photographer, I try to get my clients not to worry too much about choosing locations, that’s my job!


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