Shelia and Torri Birthday session


This is an actual throwback blog session for throwback Thursday. This session was a birthday session that we had did real quick. Both of these girls Birthdays are about the same time so I had asked them if they wanted a photoshoot done.

This was really an interesting evening. we had went over to a really nice neighborhood that had some really lovely locations.


so they both pulled up and had planed to have the large foil balloons to go with the outfits that they were wearing. Sheila came with Black number balloons to go with the silver dress that she wore and the black heels. Torri had a white dress that came off the shoulders and she had some large red number balloons that was going to go perfect with her red hills. Now I want you to keep in mind that this is golden hour(rush hour traffic.) That part comes in play with a certain part of this blog.


I’m going to start off with how they came so nicely dressed and ready. As we walked to our destination and they started to put on their hills, they had a friend with them who was there to help a little by holding the balloons and shoes and little things. So as Torri was putting on her hills and just as she was about to take her balloons one of the numbers flew up in the air. We tried to catch it, but it was to late and all we could do was stare looking at it as it flew away.

I’m sure you could image the mood! Mind you I said it was rush hour time, so you already know there wasn’t any time to go back and get another one and tell them that they didn’t tie the string on right enough. The Balloons were the mail part of the shoot. At this time she was so upset that she really didn’t want to take any pics so she went back to the car, not to mention that she had got a little makeup on the dress to top it off.


Because I knew that she was upset I had her friend go to the car and try to talk her into coming back to get some shots in, as we all know golden hour don’t last long. It’s like as soon as that golden hour peeps through it’s gone as fast as it actually came. No time to waste when shooting at that time. I started with Sheila since it seemed as though it was going to be a one girl show.


Just as the sun got to the finally peek of setting Torri came back to where we were at but she still wasn’t in the mood for shooting. I definitely wanted to get some shots of her. I mean why come all this way dressed all nice and pretty and not getting any shots regardless of no balloons. I was happy that she finally agreed to shoot, but she was still a little skeptical because of the makeup on her dress. For me that wasn’t an issue. You could bar see it and I knew it was something easily edited out.

I was so happy to get her to shoot so that I could get both of them and not miss all the golden light, that on some of her photos I forgot to tell her to take the hair tie off her wrist! I actually left it in some of these, as some of these are actually unedited and straight from the camera. Then of course the ones that I did deliver to her I actually took the hair tie off her wrist and it was of course edited. I also wanted to add that even though we didn’t get to use Torri balloons she did call up there and told them what happened and they gave her another ballon free of charge that she got to use for her party!! Yay to a happy ending!!


These girls have been doing some amazing things. Torri is off at College at PV and Shelia has accomplished some amazing things. You can actually see and follow her @shelialazatv

Birthday sessions have become a favorite! If you have a birthday coming up and want to get a session in, be sure to contact me in enough time so that we can have that session done in time to post for your day!

Not sure how to reach me?
Instagram: @Pink_Lilly_Photography


Facebook:Pink Lilly Photography



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