Hello, and welcome to the blog post today!

Today I’m doing something a little different, I’m going to re-introduce myself and let you all know who I am! The one behind the camera! (So the pics in this blog post Is all me lol).These are all unedited because I wanted to show me.

I know I know, your thinking, but don’t you have a bio page that tells us that? Yes I do! My bio page is brief and just that, a bio! I want you to get to know me.  Ready? Ok!



Hi! My name is Shunta (shun-tay) I am a single mother of four, yes four kids, three boys and a girl. My oldest two are boys aged at 23 in March, and 21 in May. My daughter is 18 and 19 in May and then my youngest is a boy who will be 16 in June, a Gemini baby like me. I am a grandmother of three! Two granddaughters who one will be 2 in Feb. and 1 May first, and the youngest who is still new at 2 about to be three months is my grandson.

He wasn’t feeling the light nor the camera. Lol

I’m a no makeup type of girl who loves to dress down. And when I say dress down, I’m talking my jeans a tee and some tennis. Yes that’s me. Usually you would find me with my hair tied in a bun, because I hate hate hate to do my hair for the life of me lol. Now if someone else does I’m cool. Beauty shop all the time. Anyone who knows me and most my seniors know me very well. I do love to dress up, but if I had a choice? Had me my jeans and tee or a tank top. I think the only time I wore makeup was on my birthday last year. I have to admit I was feeling myself too. It looked good and it was done by my daughters friend @pretty_penny, of you ever see my daughter’s makeup, she’s the one!


I have loved photography since I was young but never really pursued it into a business until I was older. I mean older as in about four years ago (we not talking age lol) And I already knew my camera, even though you can never stop learning. I took pictures of my kids and of the family all the time. I promise you would always be able to come to my house and see pictures on the wall, scrapbooks and so on. When my mom passed away in 2005 I had nothing left but memories and a few pictures that we had taken from family reunions or little get together here and there, but very few with us together.

even though I photography mostly Seniors, it still reminded me how important it was to have pictures taken, but even more so why to have them printed. All of the pictures I had got flooded out. Yes so sad because there was ton. I could look at a picture and remember that moment like I was back in it. It’s something about holding and having that picture in your hand, compared to having them stored away on a file somewhere. So now here I am building up new memories for my family. New prints to hang on my wall. Faces for my kids to see and have.


As much as I like to take pictures, I love to be in front  of the camera as well. I think I do better when I’m taking them myself compared to someone else taking them. Why? Well believe it or not I have a great shy side of me. What??? Get out of here!! Lol, yes I do and my daughter never believes me when I say that. They only know and have seen a certain part of me. I’m a mother, what do you expect? I’m suppose to be strong! And that I am, but I have my flaws to. I hate to be in huge huge crowds of people but yet it doesn’t bother me when I’m working and photographing others. I guess that business mode sinks in and everything else is drowned out. I love to have fun, smile laugh and love to make others laugh if possible, and I’m not being corny.

I love shrimp! Uuumm let’s see fried shrimp, boiled shrimp, grilled barbecue shrimp, shrimp and grits, (I’m a Louisiana girl) any kind of shrimp as long as it’s not raw! Street tacos may be the next on the list, but it has to be from a good taco truck. I’m a little OCD, I have to have things a certain way. And I’m meaning organization.

So why Seniors? Omg Seniors are so fun to get in front of the camera. There is so much that you can do and capture of them. If they play sports, you have that on top of just being able to be creative. Then you have the teens and tweens who are loving the camera, and with the time in front of your camera and getting to know you as a photographer, the possibilities for what you all can create are way past what you can imagine. Once that bond is formed you can do so much and you will notice the difference in the photos. Besides, by they time they are seniors they will be so comfortable with you that it’s a breeze to photograph them.

I’m very self conscious about myself. Please I know what your thinking. Not by looking at my pictures right? I know, but yes believe it or not I am. I also love to help others in any way that I can. I have a big heart. I don’t do things because I feel I have to but because it’s what I feel is right from my heart.


I’m not sure what else to add, but that’s a little more open book about me. I mean all means feel free to ask me any questions you may have. Other then that, I hope that you enjoyed a different taste of my blog today! Thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to lease a comment as well. It’s always welcome!

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  1. I love all of your fun pictures! The idea of getting you post more than just a short bio I think is a great idea!


    1. Thank you! It was really fun to do these, and besides I needed some new pics of myself


  2. Diane says:

    This is so fun and open! I love it! Love the photos in the beige hat!!!! Oh and love me some shrimp too!!


  3. I can’t believe you took all of these yourself! Being shy yourself, I’m sure it can help you to put your clients at ease during their portrait sessions too!


    1. Yes it was pretty fun to take them myself and play around with the camera. And it really does, but when I get around my clients It’s crazy how I can just tune all that shyness out and just be me.


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