Raven F.

7C5F1C1A-97CC-406D-9B5C-730AFD2EDE67Welcome to Thursday, as we call throwback Thursday! You know where we get to show a session or a senior, or anyone at that matter from some time ago? Well this one isn’t a some time ago session. Uuuummm ok maybe it is a little lol.


This session of Raven’s was one of my favorite sessions. I had always wanted to get some overalls in one of my shoots! Why? I have no idea Lol, but it had always been on my mind and I had been thinking about a shoot I can do with them. We had talked about doing another session as I am always in the works trying to get extra sessions in of my Rep. team, even with some of the planned ones. So she sent me pics of an outfit, and yes it was the overalls! (Yes! High-five myself). We had planned to meet up at location right before sunset so we could get prepared for any last min things before shooting.


As I pulled up and placed my car into park, she got out of her dads car and I couldn’t help but smile with the look she had. She had on her dark blue overalls with a black long sleeve top that If she had on jeans, the top would be a little above the belly button. She wore her hair down, with her natural curls somewhat wavy, and she had on this grey head band that looped in the front. To top it off she had on this reddish color lip stick that fit perfect to the outfit. She had her flats on to walk in and her heels in her hands. It’s funny because the girls tend to learn me and the things I like and dislike. They know to bring an extra pair of walking shoes so they aren’t stuck walking in heels to each location if we are in a big park and using multiple locations


when I go to certain places I always start in the back and work myself up to the front, so that by the time we are done we are already near the front and don’t have to walk all the way from the back to the front. So with that being said we started off in the back near a field and on the bridge. The sun at the time was in the perfect spot and gave me just the light I needed peeking through the trees and bushes. When We were done with the bridge we headed to the middle of this walking park where there is a slab of concrete and these large steeping blocks, or whatever you want to call them lol. As hard as heels can be sometimes I asked her to stand on top of one of the blocks and pose. Then I asked her to kneel. Like what? You want me to do what in these heels on top of this block? Ok she really didn’t say that out loud, but maybe in her head. Ok ok maybe not at all. Anyways, she was a trooper and was willing to try my poses.

I mean look at the pose though! She held her balance to a tee for that pic. and I can’t complain! One for the win! We moved on over to this little slip that leads to a handmade pond or lake, more like pond because it’s not large at all. I had her sit on the edge and I slowly walked my y’all self down the slope. Good thing I like to dress down and had on some tennis with some grip, because if I didn’t I probably would of went tumbling straight down. Uuuumm yeah now that I think about it.

That sun behind her was life. What we wait to shoot with, not all the time, but you have to admit that sunset makes a gorgeous photo!


After we finished up there we walked on over to the front and walked to where they have this tree that looks somewhat like a Christmas tree. If you saw my other blog post I actually posted that picture with an before and after edit post.

Finally we finished off by a fence that faces a street to the back of some apartments and I was able to snap a few there before we wrapped the session up. I’m always excited to go home and edit at least one to try and post for them and everyone else to see.

It’s always a pleasure to have someone in front of the camera, and creating a session that they will love and can talk about for years to come.
Thanks for letting me capture this session with you Raven, I had a ton of fun!

If you want to create a session that highlights you and the personality that you have, as my motto says “Just Be You” then feel free to contact me. Let’s create you!

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