Mariandre L.

It’s another TBT( throwback Thursday) and today I’m throwing it back with Mariandre who came to me through a friend. Funny thing about this session is that it was pretty much a last min, and early morning shoot. It was a beautiful morning, still a small breeze outside, just enough for a sweater, ok maybe just for me because I get cold pretty easy. Smh(shaking my head). I was showing Mariandre how to pose and I didn’t even know Firoella was taking a boomerang for a behind the scenes, but I’m glade that she did.


I will be honest. This was a session where I was unsure what she was wearing for the shoot. Wait what? You didn’t get that information before the shoot? Uumm yes and no. So her friend which was a senior on my team, had been doing pictures with me of course and Maria wanted to see about a joint shoot for a shoot I was already planing with Friollea. I had no problem with that. So I told them about outfits and it was relayed to me here and there.

She turned up ready! The red off the shoulder top really complimented her and made her stand out with her dark long hair. We met up at a shopping center in a neighborhood I go to often. It was early, so we didn’t have to worry about shops being open and working around people. This session was originally a friendship session, so I wanted something that spoke it.


Besides, when you are shooting with a close friend it makes life so much easier. It also gives you a small sense of comfort and helps you relax because you have someone you trust by your side and help to make you laugh. Having them look at one another usually sparks a great laugh and I can get some really genuine shots!

There was one point where we were at this small bridge and the wind just wasn’t on our side but it gave me photo I love. Yes we go for perfect and flawless images, but sometimes that wind blows just right and gives us an “ ooohhhhh I like this” photo.
I didn’t want to remove anything from her face as far as her hair because I liked the way it came out just like that!

With this overall shoot we had a great time and some really good laughs. I even got a chance to know how long they been friends for and some other little funny stories! I love to get to know people from a more personal note! That gives me the opportunity to know just want I want to do. We got a lot of Genuine laughs and giggles.


Would you like to have a friendship session to have a lifetime to remember? Give me a call or shoot me a message and let’s get you set up!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Jeanine says:

    Wow! Stellar senior portraits! She’s beautiful! And I love her portrait session clothing ideas.


    1. Thank you. Yes she rocked it!


  2. Jodi Major says:

    What a gorgeous young lady. That red top on her is just perfect


    1. I thought so too. The red really makes her pop with all the dark hair!


  3. These are fabulous!!! It really shows how a great photographer can make beautiful portraits in almost any location. Love that you teach your girls so much that they’re able to convey that information to their friends. They both look beautiful and I love the ones of them together!


    1. Thank you. I always love when they can do a friendship session or a sibling session.


  4. Andrea says:

    What an amazing photo session you had with these two beautiful friends. Mariandre is gorgeous and I love your posing! Maria looks stunning too and her bth video is amazing!


    1. Thank you they were a lot of fun. I was happy she got that little boomerang


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