Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines to everyone!

I’m not going to do my usually long blog post but rather just a little show of images from the shoot!


Just a mini blog post for Valentines! It has really been a busy week and One of my Senior Reps came to do a mini session with her friend, and her little  sister came to get a different mini session in. It was great to have them in front of the camera!


Raven is one of my Senior Reps, so being in front of the camera with me wasn’t anything new. And what’s so funny is that because she had been shooting with me if I say do this or that she even knows what to do with her head as far as a little lean this way or that way. Lol it’s just funny to know how they pick up on me and know what I want or don’t want.

Starr is a friend of Ravens and this was her first time in front of the camera with me. Although I  know people are shy when they don’t know you or what to expect from you, but she got in front of the camera and really rocked it!


681D254B-6879-46B6-B72C-FDA5994303132E841C9C-7921-4178-8E05-BE49513FF225C083E0AA-0CBE-4D43-94E6-F08051DEE51E2AF2FFF6-5C81-47C3-9241-E933BCAA2F41Dyhana is Raven little sister and she will be joining my teen group, so I had the chance to get a few of her to warm up with. She’s not new to me only because she has been to a shoot with me for her Ravens birthday session! That means I look forward in doing her Birthday session as well!!



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