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Hello Hello Hello!!!

welcome back for another Throwback Thursday!! Yeap we have another blog post to throw back on, and this time we are taking it back to Dynique’s Birthday shoots!!

One thing I absolutely love to do is look back on the shoots that I have taken of my clients and see the growth, not just the change that they have made but also the growth from myself as well! I have actually done two birthday shoots with Dynique so far. The best advantage of that for her is that because she’s on my team she actually gets a free Birthday shoot!



why pass that up? She actually shared her shoot with her sister in one of them! How exciting! They are like best friends. So her first shoot we took in a neighborhood and fought some of the wind. She did two outfits and her balloons. We also did a studio shoot on her second Birthday session, and we were intend to get some outside shots as well but it rained. I don’t mean like a little rain either! It poured!

So we were forced to do both outfits indoors. I also try to encourage the girls or even the guys to get their Birthday session done. These are something to look back on, and besides you get to show them off to your friends. Not just any pics but some nice professional Birthday pictures! It reminds me of a watch me grow. You know, when parents get sessions of their kids from birth to a year?

I actually love to do the Birthday sessions. I am open to what the girls or guys have in mind for their session. After all it is your Birthday session, so you should have it your way. Outfits are decided the same way a regular session is. They send me pics and ideas so that I have an Idea where we can go for their session to best fit. We do theses sessions at least a good 3-4 weeks before their actual Birthday to have plenty of time for editing and have  them ready for posting.

Who wouldn’t want to post a session on their birthday? If you have a Birthday coming up soon, now is the time to start thinking about planning a shoot.

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