Amalia Session


One thing I love about being able to photography Seniors is that each and everyone is so unique in their own ways. You get to have so many different choices on their session based off them.

Most of the time clients will be so nervous when they first get with you because they don’t know what to really expect out of the session. Even though I talk to my clients before sessions, but most of the time they may be nervous with their parents their or standing close by. I have noticed a lot of my clients relax more when the parents aren’t so close to watch them while they are shooting.


This session was actually her first session with me and she came with her boyfriend who stayed in the car but was a distance to be able to see us. We walked around this park, which is one of my favorites to go to.

This yellow top was so cute and it was perfect for the gorgeous weather that we had. A really nice wind speed and of course right around golden hour. This session was really more of a mini session so there was only one outfit change.
This little bridge sits off a nice little lake and I love it for so many reasons.

So we met because she knew someone else I had photographed a few times. We had talked and talked about a sessions and finally got a date together that worked for the both of us.

when we first met up at location it was like I already knew her, we greeted with a huge hug and smiles. I love making everyone feel like family. Making everyone comfortable in front of the camera is key and goal. Trust me it shows in the results believe it or not.



I Really wanted to stay out there and take so many more pics of this young lady but we were  on a time limit, I mean not to mention that this area has so many other locations that you can do with it, but with a mini your limited and have to pick the locations that will work with the outfit and time frame.
Upon booking your session we will talk about location and outfits to fit your session. We want to make sure to get the most out of your session. Multiple outfits makes your session even more exciting and fun.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ali says:

    These are gorgeous! What a fantastic location. I especially love the pop of yellow against the red table!


  2. Kelsey Homolka says:

    your senior was beautiful and love the location you choose! her outfit choice really popped with those settings and the lighting is so dreamy!! great images and great post! XOOX


  3. Elle Bacon says:

    Yes, So true, photographing Seniors is so much fun! You only get to be a Senior once in your lifetime so make it and amazing experience to remember!!


  4. Brandi says:

    Love the red table with the yellow top! They go together perfectly!


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