Behind the scenes


So a lot of times you may see me or your photographer taking video here or there or having your friend or parent helping with some boomerangs or clips to get some behind the scenes.


personally it’s a great way to add some fun to your shoot. I usually have a helper with me who can get clips that I want, or sometimes I might stop here and there in-between a shoot and get some clips that I want depending on what it is.



When I do some of the clips at home I may record the whole shoot and then go through and edit what I want to add in a quick clip. It’s always so fun and funny to go back and see. I will catch clients fixing their hair, posting, taking selfies and more, and it’s all memories to have and make cute funny clips or behind the scenes.

In some of these clips it may be their own selfies they took while we were shooting and they just sent them to me so that I could also have them as well. I would usually put everything that everyone has and sent me and put them all together. To see what each person may have captured on their own is also fun to watch. Besides they are so much comfortable taking their own selfies with friends.

Ok as I was listening to the video below, I don’t know who was barking like that lol but this behind the scenes was done during our first shoot out at coyote crossing house which is no longer there. It was such a beautiful cottage that was there for ages and sat on a beautiful large piece of land!

I even have a video of my daughter actually giving away my secret to my bubble! Lol.

Behind the scenes have become one of my favorites to see and receive. Hope you enjoy some of the behind the scenes I have captured myself or from ever everyone else.

The one below was don by my son who was at a shoot with us being that he is on my team for the teens.

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