Throwback Thursday

Hey hey everyone! Welcome to the blog post.

I have a session here with a young lady who contacted me because she saw some other sessions from friends. Word of mouth and visual content means a lot. Word of mouth also explains the experience that clients May have had as well.


This session we did was more of just a get together trail type shoot. It was a really laid back shoot just very dress down.


Alexis, her first time in front of the camera with me, I know she was nervous as can be. I mean think about it, your getting in front of someone else’s camera even though you were told that “she’s cool and makes you feel so comfortable” yeah ok but “I don’t know her myself. I get it, trust me.

Even though I try to get that meet up before we even shoot to meet and chat to see what you expect and want from your shoot, I know that it don’t always go that was as well, so sometimes the first meet up is at the shoot. In that case I give a little extra time to talk and chat and get to know you as a person before saying “oh stand over there and I want you to look like this, or do this and that”



I want to see that you have relaxed a little. That’s when all the magic starts to happen. This session was actually Alexis deacons shoot with me. The location that we went to had this little area that has Hammocks so that you can relax right next to the pond they have. It’s beautiful, so of course we had to lay in one.636E4C6E-4980-40EA-B27F-6D4C97F8B242
what I love about this location is the grey brick walls. Just something about them that really strives me. Then there is this under path that is close to the area we went to. Just kind of took in some areas that were close by. We didn’t want to be out in the heat to long because she is sensitive to the heat.

Time of day matters depending on your clients. I tell clients to take Into knowing what works best for them when they decide on a day and then the time of day. So many people like sunset, and to get sunset you really have to make sure time is right. What I mean by that is that you have to be more then on time. You need to be there at least 15min  before your actual scheduled time, and that’s really for all sessions.

In this location there is a park attached and they have these wood climbing area that I absolutely love as well and I knew I had to get some pics of her next to them. We had a great time with this session!

when you are ready to book your session session casual, cap and gown let me know, we can meet up and talk about your session and see what it is you want to do.



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