Throw Back Thursday

Throw back time!


So who are we blogging about today? I have a young lady that I photographed that was a friend of a friend who reached out to me. We call her Red!

this shoot was a quick little basic shoot in a neighborhood I love to go to. She wore this reddish top and some jean shorts, but she came with this white cap on that I actually added to a few of the shots.


one of the shots she had this pink little  flower that she had picked out the field that we were near and I just told her to hold on to it. To be such a tiny girl she had this little spook to her, but although I know she was nervous she was very chipper.
The day was a perfect day, a little windy, but a great day to be out to shoot. It was close to sunset so that setting just made it even more beautiful to get some shots in.

She came with a friend who was her biggest cheerleader and helping her to relax. Of course at the end of the shoot we got a photo of them together! I mean why not right?



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