Senior Sunday

Today is Sunday, and for photographers we usually have a Senior Sunday!



So welcome to Senior Sunday! I have on the blog post for Senior Sunday De’Andrea, who also happens to be my daughter! Yes my only daughter who’s a Senior! Whew where did the time fly to?


There are really so many reasons why I picked my daughter today for Senior Sunday! I just have to really say that I am very much proud of her with all the troubles and opticals she had to face her last year of high school.


I won’t go into all the details just yet. I want to save that for Graduation! And yes there will be a blog post for her Graduation for many reasons, as for all my seniors this year as well!


the bad thing about it is that I started off this blog post before all of this lock down happened. Now we have all these seniors who are worried about their last year with so many important mile stones that they may not even be able to do. Not just graduation and walking across the stage, but also prom and senior skip day and so much more. What about signing those yearbooks from friends?


I had said that I wanted to do something special for the seniors on my team and I want to make sure they feel special and appreciated all at the same time. I know for sure I want to have a huge shootout for them, as well as some form of party and just fun for them. I’m hoping that we get a chance to do pics in their prom dresses!


May was the biggest month for my daughter aside from graduation. Her birthday month is included with other things. I’m going to find a way to make it all happen as well. To all my seniors out there, just hang on, it will get better. I have had some people say that they have it easy because they are out early during spring break, but it’s really not. We look forward to this after all these years of hard work and dedication. Not just for the seniors but for parents and family as well.

plan on making a big deal for my seniors this year! Appreciate and love on your 2020 seniors this year! They deserve it!







4 Comments Add yours

  1. Magical Memories by Michelle says:

    You did an awesome job with your daughter’s senior pictures! She’s gorgeous!!! It’s definitely been a trying time for these 2020 seniors, so I really hope you get to pull off a special celebration for them! What a great idea!


  2. jeanine says:

    Lovely Senior Photography! Great feature of your daughter’s beauty and personality. Happy Birthday and congratulations to her!


  3. asollen says:

    Loved your senior Sunday photos! This senior really lucked out to find you for her senior photos. Thanks for sharing!


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