Alexis C. Senior Session

It felt so good to actually get back out and start shooting again after all the lock down went into place. Alexis contacted me senior pictures, and I was more then happy to work with her. We had a date set for a Sunday at 2 p.m, but something else came up so we rescheduled the shoot for a Tuesday at 5:45p.m which was perfect. We met up at the perfect time on location and she came ready in her Senior shirt and light jeans. she had these beautiful curls in her hair and makeup done so nice light and natural.

We started of by this little water fall and got some basic shots to start off with, something to warm up into and just get in the mood of getting started. we added the cap to the Senior shirt outfit, but only for her to hold as we didn’t want to mess up her hair before we had the chance to get the shots with her cap and gown.

The wind was blowing just a little but not to much to mess up anything. it was just enough to add a little breeze to some of the heat from the sun that was starting to set.


Second we went with her prom dress! We moved over to the bridge so that we could get some shots up under the bridge, but it was also a lot cooler there as well.

The dress was pretty heavy. She came out the restroom and as I saw her walking towards me I was at a loss of words for how stunning she looked in this red dress with the little stones covering the top half of the dress, and to top it off she had the red shaw to throw over her shoulders as well.

I also have to add that she got so many compliments on how beautiful she looked in her dress! It was well deserved! I knew that the dress had to be hot with some of the sun still out, so I made sure to have her pose and get those out the way with.

Third she changed into this black jumpsuit and added a jean jacket to top it off. cute yes!

By this time the sun was starting to set in so I asked her was there any shots that she wanted before we got the cap and gown and started on the last of the set. She wanted a pic by the waterfall. we made our way over and got some shots that worked and right then


I remembered that I wanted some shots by these beautiful purple flowers. perfect i have to say. and then we were done with that set. now we moved on to the cap and gown, which all she did was just remove the jean jacket and put on the cap and gown with the black jumpsuit.

We took this to the top of the bridge and then used some of the sidewalk for what I wanted.

This cap and gown really looked good on Alexis and it just came to remind us of what these seniors had to deal with for their last year of High School that they looked forward to so much these last past four years. to all the Seniors, big congratulations to you, and wishing you all the best!

Thank you Alexis for allowing me to be apart of your senior year and take your senior pictures.

If you are still looking for Senior pictures due to all the last min changes from the schools and dates for graduation, I still have a few spots that can be filled up, but they are filling fast. please feel free to contact me by email or phone. Can’t wait to work with you.


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