Dynique Senior Session

Gosh it’s hard to believe that we are already at the end of what was suppose to be a full senior year!
To have taken your senior pictures was a great pleasure as this young lady is like a daughter to me. To see her walk across the stage as well as my own daughter will be such an honor as well! Cheering them on, yes! It’s been a crazy year but they made it!! They made it with all the obstacles in front of them, ending their senior year way to soon, and missing out on all of their senior activities. I know this walk will mean so much to them! 2020 has been a true challenge and this just goes to show that even with everything going on in the world right now, they are strong!

we had another date planned but she wanted to make sure she got her session in so we went ahead and did a different date but schedules are always hard to work around and still have time to make sure that it’s time to get everything in. We wanted to work with what we could. So of course we headed out and got started. This outfit though! I bought my portable changing room with me and luckily  it gave me no problems folding down so we could move on. Believe me they get a little tricky trying to fold.

There were so many people passing by saying congratulations which was just beautiful! I’m sure it’s a great feeling to hear coming from people! It’s a huge accomplishment made! And seeing your name on that list, that program!

67B384A8-1577-4313-A271-372CE29BBB68I loved everything about her outfits, and her shoes were the cutest.

For these Seniors I will miss them a lot! That doesn’t mean I’m done photographing them by any means, but for my senior group yes I will miss them a ton. To a new chapter in they lives, I congratulate you to the fullest and wish you the very best in everything that you do! Let’s walk across that stage and kiss 2020 good bye!! The full year may not be over, but your 2020 class is!! Tip your hats and be proud!!





Class of 2020! Dynique .J. You did it! Congratulations.

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