Lera.H. Senior Session

On the blog post today I have Lera who’s mom found me through a special that I was running on Groupon. She had paid for her session way back in Nov.2019 and had set a date out in the spring. Well as we all know Spring  didn’t start off the way we all planned it to. We got hit with the Covid-19 so that stopped a lot of businesses and with photographers, of course we couldn’t shoot.

We had to wait till the phase for photographers opened, and then in some states photographers still couldn’t shoot. It felt good to pick up the camera and photography someone else other then my grandson and myself lol. We set a date only to have bad weather. Yeah, finally time to shoot and the weather is bad, so as the skies cleared we set another date up.

Location was picked and as I drove up that day I noticed that the streets were packed, packed because they were having a senior parade starting at the same time our shoot was scheduled. I made a phone call right then and told them that it may be a little traffic coming that way because their was a Parade for the seniors, and I always check to make sure there isn’t t anything big going on Before picking a spot only because I know it would be a hassle to work around huge events.

The good thing is that the location  we were at didn’t effect us, and by the time it started we didn’t even notice that much. So it worked out great for us. My portable changing tent came in handy of course so that she could easily change her clothes. One thing I love about being able to have it, is that we don’t have to worry about looking for a bathroom to change into. Now out of the whole time I had it, this was the first time that I actually had a time trying to fold it. Lol her dad even tried. Welp we got it,(somewhat) and just tucked it in the bag. Once I got home, Yeap you guessed it! It folded with no problem.


Lera brought her prom dress, and I loved the color on her! It was beautiful, and so we walked over to a bridge and took a few images as well.

I had a great time with this young lady, so full of energy and fun to be around! Lera wasn’t the least bit of shy, she came out ready to go!! she had the sweetest parents, and you could feel the love from all around. Lera thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to take your senior pics. Can’t wait to team up with you for other projects!

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