Ellery Senior Session

Let’s talk about this session. Mom found me and contacted me and told me that she would be flying in from Georgia on the 13th Of June and wanted to know if I would be available. Being that she wouldn’t have a car to get around we would need to find something that was close enough but still something nice and actually urban. Once I got the location they were staying at I started to look around and sent her a location, but she already had an appointment. I looked for something else and started to think color! That’s when I thought about graffiti! Perfect, nothing better. Sent her two other locations, and she chose the graffiti.


Our time was set for 1pm and I arrived there about 45min early. ( I have this thing about being late so I will arrive more then plenty of time ahead to be more then prepared) The sun was just about at its high, but the location was beautiful, and I saw so many beautiful areas. I tested my camera and watched as people came and went, well because it’s pretty much a tourist area. When the car pulled up I saw the window roll down and I heard my name! Big smiles! Yes I was meeting my clients for the first time in person! I was blown away at how gorgeous Ellery was, and I was even more taken back by her height! Just fantastic!

I started off with a hug and a hand shake. I was excited and Ellery was full of smiles.
Now let’s back up a little. So the night before, as any other time I was making sure that everything was together, charged batteries, cleaned and ready to go. Started to fold down my portable changing tent, and…well, let’s just say it didn’t work out. Great, just a day before the shoot And I needed that. Fast forward back to the shoot. I tell mom what happened and Ellery pulls out her phone and found a gas station right around the corner from us. She came in this white dress that was so cute with all these little layers and her shoes to perfectly matched.  We started right off! I couldn’t help telling her how beautiful she was more then a couple of  times. Once we finished her first outfit we walked over to the fuel station and asked if we could use the restroom for her to change and he was more then generous enough to let us use. Mom bought us some water while we waited,


and then she came out in the next outfit, and I’m just going to add that the color looked so great on her. This orange Reddish spaghetti strap dress and the shoes, OMG the shoes!

As we headed to the next location everyone kept telling her congratulations and how they loved her shoes! It was such great vibes, and joy all through this shoot! I didn’t even realize how many people were actually watching her!

9A882BE1-3286-4EA7-9B38-0D26468566C5We moved around to other parts of the wall that had some great color, and then we walked across the street to this building where the walls were all black, and that made her dress stand out so much more. I just couldn’t get over how perfect and easy she was to photograph. You could definitely tell she was not camera shy.

Right after we finished up by the wall, we went over to this blue wall and this business that had a blue door. Her outfit blended in just perfect for it.


Her last outfit was her college tee and some jeans, and had the chance to be a little more comfortable . We walked across the street where there was little business that had a nice little porch and upstairs is where the owner lived. When we first crossed it was this wall that caught my attention with all the vines attached to the wall and I had to get a shot there, and then we moved on over to the porch. As we were there I saw the owner drive up, but the business was close. I still asked if it was okay for us to go and shoot there and he said that it was fine. I just didn’t want to go up and start taking pictures and be disrespectful.


I loved the setting on the porch with the chairs and all the wood. We got some of our last pictures there before we actually called it a wrap! I was very excited to get this session home and edited for them.

They had a ticket to leave at 9 am the following morning and I shot them an email letting them know that I really enjoyed Ellery’s session and mentioned when I would have their gallery available to view.


Karyn, thank you so much for the opportunity to shoot Ellery’s Senior session. The sky really is limit!

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