Kat’s Senior Session


Man so many sessions were put on hold, but I am working them out. This is a session I did of Kat. who I had booked with in Nov. of last year. Just like some of he other sessions, we had planned for the spring when it was going to be nice and cool(maybe) and at the same time some sun to help bring some beautiful natural light.


Well of course like we all know that didn’t work out like planned either. Finally we were able to get a date together to meet up and shoot. I was excited to meet kat and her mother. We had one date picked and ready, but then we got rain all week, so ended up looking for another date, and that one worked. we picked a time that wouldn’t be to hot after all the rain. That didn’t work out that way either because as the day started it was nice and cool, but as the time got closer to shoot, oh my gosh! Yes the sun started to come out and that heat started the beam on in.



As we got started kat started off with her jeans and a white tee, and she added a striped button down shirt to go over it. I wanted to start off with the stairs which would be an easy pose to just warm up in front of the camera. I mean in this location there is so many places to take some great shots at.


We then moved on around the corner, and trying to stay cool at the same time, as the sun was really beaming on us. I had her change into her college tee with her jeans. The tee really went well with all the colors that we were photographing by, and really made Kat stand out even more in her photos. I just loved her hair cut, it really did fit her. As we got more into the shoot I got to learn a little more about this young lady. We had really good conversation. I was shocked at all the ropes that she had for her cap and gown. It’s always so nice to see all the things that a student has accomplished while in school.

We ended up on this porch of a business not thinking they were open with all the blinds closed and everything just some of everywhere. One of the gates was even locked, so we didn’t think much of it. Kat even tried to play with the cat that was laying in one of the chairs. It wasn’t until we were about to leave when someone walked up and asked us if they were open. I looked around and just kind of shook my shoulders, and then out of no where we saw a sign that said open. I just told him he could try and see, but they looked closed.




It was more then a pleasure to shoot with you here at Pink Lilly Photography.

Senior pictures are an important part of your senior year. You have waited all this time to graduate and to see what life has to offer you, and see where it takes you. Don’t miss out on taking your senior pictures and not having that part of the memory. They don’t have to be boring, and they don’t have to be with the school. Go out and get your last year of memories taken and on print!



Congratulations to all of the class of 2020 who didn’t get to have all the other fun memories for their senior year, but still made it through. You are still a winner no matter what it took, walking across the stage with a mask, or even sitting at home watching it and just only seeing a picture of you on the screen, either way you made it, and it’s only just the beginning!



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