Throwback Thursday Friendship session

What day is it? Today is Thursday and although I usually have a throwback up, I missed a few, but up today with a throwback friendship session.

Did you know that you can also get a session with a best friend, a close friend, or even a siblings session done when you book with me? I love the friendship sessions, they mean so much. Yes I’m sure you have plenty of selfies and other pics of you and your best friend, but have you ever had a professional session with your best friend, or even just a good friend? They are so much different then just your original selfies. They are fun, meaningful, and a session you will cherish for a lifetime. I will be honest and say I really wish I had a session like this done with my Best friend.



it can be a pool session, or just a regular session. This one right here was one that my daughter and her friend wanted together and we had such a great time and plenty of laughs all in between this session.

the girls had decided to wear some colors that are similar to one another, the mustard yellow was perfect for the weather outside and the beautiful summer day that it was.


In the session below, I did another friendship session with two young ladies and it Was early in the morning when we went and did this session, and I loved everything about it. These two young ladies had been friends for a long time, as a matter of fact since they were little. Maria came in this beautiful red top that matched so perfect with her dark long black hair and Fiorella came with this black top and some olive green pants. Now the thing about this location and the time of the session, was that it was still a little cool in the mornings, we are looking about going early in the spring, just before the days started to get perfect. I actually shot this right before I had to go to work. We had the location to ourselves, as nothing was open at the time, and I got to use to location to my liking. I wanted something that was going to speak on the friendship.



I had them sit at the table and both have their phones out as if they were talking to one another and looking at something on their phone. I loved how they actually played that out. It’s really funny how they can actually start laughing themselves just by looking at one another and pretending. I love natural laughs, and they make for sure the best image.

Once I got the ones that I wanted of them together sitting at the table and walking, I then got some of them alone so that I could get a few different images as well as letting them showcase some of their own personality in their own photos.

I think that friendships are one in a million, and to me I would love to have a session with a true friend that I could keep and charish. Anyone can take a thousand seflies together but there is something diffrenet about a professional shoot with a bestfriend or even with your sister or brother that is like your best friend.


I did a session of these two young lady’s that are sisters but they are so close together. I have always loved the bond that these two share as sisters, as siblings, because most siblings don’t have the friendship and closeness with one another the way that it should be. I’m a big believer in family and the bond that they should have.


If you have ever thought about having a session with a close friend or your sibling who may be that best friend, then think about it no more and just have it done. You really won’t retreat them them done!


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