Birthday Sessions

How many times have I talked about Birthday sessions?

If I have said it one time I’m going to go ahead and say it again. birthday sessions are a great way to show off and announce your Birthday with a BANG! Let me tell you what I love about these birthday sessions. These sessions are fun and exciting, rewarding, different and showcasing. I love the fact that you can have a whole session done for your special born day, just to get up and post all of them to announce it and let everyone awe in wishing you a happy Birthday.


I offer the Birthday sessions free when you are a member of my team, but I also offer the birthday sessions separate as well. I do request these to be booked and done at least three weeks in advance for editing because I offer an unlimited amount of outfits that you can change into in about a 4-5 hour time frame.


Now lets talk about this session that I did of a former senior of mine who just graduated this past spring. Raven is one who will come and get her pictures done, and I am always excited to do her session because she never disapoints when she plans or come for her session. Usually we would have planned this out by the first of the month and would have had the shoot done about three weeks earlier, but this time it was planned a little later, but we still got it done and I have to say it was still perfect.


So Raven had started off by sending me the ideas that she had for the shoot, and I have to say that the things that she picked out were awesome. She wanted to have something that was a little different then what she would usually do. For The first outfit she wore these stone washed ripped jeans that were all ripped at the bottom, and then she added this Selena looking top that she found that had some beautiful silver sequence to it with the beads hanging down in the front as well. we took the shoots inside and outside as the rain gave us a chance to go out. As it turned out the weather for the whole weekend was suppose to be rain. That was not going to stop us even if we had to do all the shoots and outfits indoors. She bought a cake and we used that in the shoot. When we headed outside I wanted to use the balloons in the shoot in another way then just her holding them, so I had her friend hold the balloons while Raven posed with the cake and I shot between the balloons as the wind blew them.


We Were just really lucky to get some Outside shoot time with no rain.

The second outfit, she had these dark jeans with a silver chain hanging and this lime color top that was almost like a bra and then over it she wore this fishnet body suite.We took a few of these inside and then headed outside for some more shots since we still had some sun shining. now as we started to shoot it started to sprinkle just a little, and I asking for it to hold off. it held off enough for us to get some of the outside shots in.


We wanted to makes sure that we got a few outside, but was also scared of the rain just coming down on us.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lastly I had her change into her last outfit. Raven and her friend made this skirt and added a black body suite. now at first it was a plan to only make the skirt blue which is her favorite color, but because stores are out of so much stuff, she ended up adding some black into it, and I’m so glad that she did. We both think that it looked better with the two colors added together. When she came out from changing I told her she needed a necklace, and she was like” oh yeah I have one!” Come to find out she forgot it, so I pulled out the jewelry from my styles closet and gave her a black Chocker that worked perfectly.



Now as we started inside with this shoot I kept looking outside to make sure that we still had some sun to shoot this outside which is what we both wanted the most. Well just as we started to finish off I looked outside and all of a sudden it was pouring down outside. In the meantime we tried to wait it out, but it wasn’t working so we headed outside and tried to get some shots just on the porch. Then we went downstairs to try and get something. By that time, it started to clear up and as I was asking her if she wanted to go in the street with the skirt because I knew that it was going to gt wet with how long it was, she had said yes, and all of a sudden it just started to rain all over again. We were both just like wow!


With the overall shoot even with all the rain we were very happy with how thee whole shoot came out for her. I don’t usually post any sneak peeks for my Birthday shoots, but I did. I was telling Raven how good her shoot came out and I really wanted to show something off, so we both decided to go ahead and have one posted. Well if you follow my Instagram then you will know that it was actually two photos posted as a sneak peek.



Happy 18th Birthday to you Raven and enjoy your day to the fullest!!!

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