Gabby’s 15th Birthday shootout!

Let’s start off to say that when I first wanted Gabby on my Teen Ambassordeor them was about three years ago. I met her mom at Wal-Mart, and it was more of something customer service related. One day we both ended up at the fuel station. She had both her daughter and her son with her. gabby’s height is what cough my attention, aside from her beauty. I mad the comment of how tall she was, because mind you I’m tall myself. I asked how old she was, and at that time she was 13 going on 14. We got into the conversation about height and I just took it and asked her about shooting. Mom at first wasn’t into the idea about any modeling shoots, until I explained a little more about me and my business. We had talked and tried to make some plans to get her shoot done for her.

Let me tell you. It rained and rained, and of course that took the plans away for her first birthday shoot. The nest year I was able to get her to the shoot out that I usually have for all the new members on the team that join. Gabby was shy, being that she didn’t know anyone, but met some of my senior girls. We had planned and tried to get some more shots in. but time and all other activites just was not lining up with us. We planned again for her birthday in September, and guess what? Yeap! We got more rain. More plans gone.

Ok, now we come into 2020, a new year, creating and choseing a new team. Planning for the grand shoot out and lets just say, well…. we get this thing called Covid-19 that shuts down everything. The whole school year and all. So now here we are sitting at home, nothing more to do, shoots shut down not being able to be in contact with people. Then a little window opens. Here we are in September and we are allowed to shoot, but the photographers have to have on a mask. That’s fine with me. I will be hot and can barley talk.

Got with mom and we planned agin for a shoot, and this time with the way things were stating to look with all these tropical storms coming through, was going to look like another rainy month. I booked a studio because I really wanted to get this done for Gabby,as well as get her back in front of the camera. The morning started off ok, nice and cool, and then mom text me asking if we were going to still be able to do the shoot. I was not about to cancel this one. I told her to make sure the girls wrapped their hair or anything else if it was raining till we got to the studio. As we headed that way, the weather was starting to get pretty bad.

We made it though. And let me tell you that it was worth it. I mean come on things happen for a reason.

So I had Gabby invite two of her friends to be in the shoot with her. I knew that we didn’t have a lot of time to shoot like we could of. Being that she is on my team, I wanted her to have a good time and to have fun. Besides, this is her 15th birthday, and she deserves to have a great time with some friends. I also knew that this would help to calm nerves and to make her a little more comfortable in front of the camera instead of being just her shooting alone.

When everyone arrived, the girls started getting their makeup together and small touchups and then started to get dressed. Her two friends had a little more time to get ready, as Gabby started with her first outfit, which was this cute little black tule dress that she picked up at a small boutique while she was Calfornia for the summer. The perfect little outfit, with her hair worn down in all these curles. The first shoot was all about gabby. We did her shots and then added a little behind the scense with a lot of the shooting. I just placed my Ipad on record and just got shots here and there for them. I even had her friends join in one of the first shoots. I wanted them to be placing her crown on her head. It’s almost like she was reading my mind because I was for sure thinking to have a crown.

In the middle of the first shoot I had a second shooter come in and help take some different shots. I had Gabby change into her next outfit, which was matching with the girls in white tops and ripped jeans. I moved them over to the couch and we took some shots there. I had the girls just act themselves and do what they wanted so that I could just capture some natural laughs from them. After that I had them move to the open floor and got some black feathers and gave them all some and had them throw them in the air. I then got some more of Gabby alone by the couch sitting on the floor. As she was sitting there and I got the shots I wanted, Cory, my second shooter was making her laugh and I really got some great shots of her smiling which I know parents love to have. (and mom did ask if I got any of her smiling).

The idea with her reading the magazine was Cory’s. We tried it out and actually got some great captures. The girls then went to change into their last outfits, and while they were in the middle of changing mom came back with some pizza and wing stop for the win. The girls changed and got a bit to eat at the same time while doing any little touch ups. We finished Up on a pink backdrop with the girls in their black and white plaid. The idea for the outfits came from clueless. These girls were flawless. Once again I got them on the backdrop and let them just kind of do them. I didn’t direct a lot of poses because I wanted more natural from them. At one point the girls were kind of doing a balloon fight. I had them lay on their stomachs for a pose, I had them hug like they loved one another, and towards the end Cory had them lay on their backs. We had them pull their phones out and play with them and take selfies, that was posed enough for me so that I could get the natural laughs. We finished up pretty much a good 15 min so that we could clean up get their things together and eat a little. I had such a great time doing her birthday session. I really enjoyed capturing these moments, for these are memories to last a life time.
I added some unedited images so that you could see some of the behind the scene shoots!

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  1. jeanine says:

    WOW! Gabby’s 15th Birthday Shootout is amazing! You captured such amazing goodness! You truly captured her essence and I love the photos with her friends too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, they had a blast, and I had a blast capturing her session.


  2. I’m dying over these gorgeous images!!! I love the styling, the dresses, the poses, and they look like they’re having a blast! Behind the scenes is always fun to see too. Such fun to include friends for senior pictures!


  3. Magical Memories by Michelle says:

    I’m dying over these gorgeous images!!! I love the styling, the dresses, the poses, and they look like they’re having a blast! Behind the scenes is always fun to see too. It’s so important to catch all the fun that happens during the teen years with friends!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, and I so agree with the behind the scenes. I think they are important to showcase.


  4. Gabby is 15! HAPPY BIRTHDAY and what fun, beautiful images to help remind her of this special day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Yes with all the COVID this will be a memorable year


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