An Accomplishment

So, lets start off as to why I named this blog post “An Accomplishment”.


This blog post is one that I started back in May when my daughter actually graduated. I never finished it. Well let me rephrase that. I pretty much finished it, but never went the extra step to publish it, so I came back to rewrite about it. I’m sure your wondering why, right? Okay so let me tell you.

As photographers when we decide on what we are going to post, we want to make sure that it’s the right content. We want to make sure that what we post isn’t something that our clients or anyone that we are trying to reach is going to NOT want to see. Did you understand that part? If not let me try to make a little scense of it. We want to post the best of our work. We want to make everything in our feed perfect. When I took on a I honstely didn’t think about “what if one of the girls got pregent” The question of , do you keep them on your team? My daughter is my only daughter out of three boys, and she is the second to last child. I knew that it would be a great start at that time because she was in high school and of course she knew people.

So let’s just say that I believe that everyone should be treated the same.I will say that  if I had a Senior that was on my team who ended up pregnat that I would keep them on the team, I would not feel right to single them out and have them leave my team. I think that there is a lesson and a greater bond that is formed. I think about how they must already be feeling. I told my daughter that, that at that time she was going to find out who her true friends were at that time. She had a different path and responsibly then they did, but a true friend was going to be there no matter what. Well she truly does have those friends.
(Photo of her 8 1/2 months pregnant)


Senior year came and actually she got pregnate towards the end of her jounior year due in Nov of 2019. Went the whole summer which is cool, but what about when school started back? One thing I can say for sure is that she had the best counslor and principle, even though I feel like I got a phone call from them every single day at work because of one thing or another lol, but they were her backbone at school talking to her and guiding her, letting her know that they were routing for her. I can tell you that there are counslors out there that aren’t really talking to these students like they should, but I can tell you that hers were. I think I made two new best friends. Her counsler was shocked at how much my daughter actually talked to me, and I say that because when she first called me and talked to me about my daughter being pregnat I already knew about it. She was so relived when she asked me how I felt about it because she knew my daughter felt I was disappointed. I say that as to say as a mother we want our little girls to go through high school to enjoy and to hope not to get pregnat in the running, but to finish school first and to have the chance to live and enjoy life first. My response to her counsler was ” I can’t control what happens, we raise our kids what’s right and wrong, but they have a mind of their own.  what’s done is done, I’m hurt but I am always here for my daughter and she will have the support no mater what.” I promise she said that she was so relived to here that because you have some parents who will disown them or want nothing to do with them.


Fast forward, Senior year going to the Doc. missing some of school, ugh that wasn’t the best, not to mention me missing work as well.. How hard it was for her? Lets just say at four months the baby had already dropped head down, yes and he was in position like he was ready to come, her Doc. was nervous about early delivery. At four months we had to start going to the Doc. every single week, and that’s suppose to be in your 9th month. On top of that, for some reason her body wouldn’t hold water. They had her drink a gallon of water a day, and that still didn’t help. At one point we thought maybe her water was leaking but it wasn’t. Then there were a few times that at the Doc office they sent us to the ER to have her admitted to get fluids. That only lasted enough to go to her next visit the next week. Finally the Doc took her out of school and had her stay home, but not bed rest. Just didn’t want her doing all the walking at school so that he would’t deciede to come early. The school set it up so that she had a teacher come every week twice a week to the house to do studies with her. Again I had to be home when she came because they needed an adult there if something happened. Again more time I had to arrange from work.


Her teachers, counsoler, and principle called to check on her all the time. Come Nov. we went to the Doc. they did the ultrasound like they did every week, set her up on the monitor to monitor his heart and movement like they did every week, and when the Doc. came in the room all she said was “Today is the day” She wanted her to go at least another week but the water level was to low and she wanted to go ahead and deliver. We headed home to get her bag and got her something to eat and to the hospital we went. I was really hoping for him to come on the 12th for my dads birthday, which may I add could of happened, but after all the time she took to eat and just chill before they put the IV to start the contractions, it went a little over. Also this little boy wouldn’t come out because he had his hand positioned right on his cheek. Easy delivery, coming on the 13th. Close enough for me.

I tell this story for two reasons, one, yes 2020 has started off crazy, school started back and I know that it’s still crazy, it’s not the same.  As a senior I already know so many things will be effected until, and that’s a huge until things start to get back to normal, which it slowly is. Don’t get upset or discouraged. Your a senior and your almost done! That alone is huge! Two I am so very proud as a mother to have seen the hard work my daughter went through to make it till the very end, even after getting pregnant, not being able to go the first semester and then going back second semester with the baby, just to have to end the school year during spring break and online. Then for graduation only able to invite four people, when you have a family you would like to be there, and have to pick and choose.

I truly am proud of all the graduates of 2020. They had it rough and their year will always be remembered.2EAF3AF4-0A97-4241-9081-43ADB4FD9D5976674F1F-3F90-47A3-BFAE-E2BD7740E48E8E141CA6-8159-4FC3-BBC7-7C95D8820713

“My mommy did it, and she did it for us”

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