Studio Vs Location

Which best fits you?

When it comes to your senior session, you have a choice to have your session done inside a studio or outside. there is also an option to have them both if that’s what you would prefer. So the question is which best fits you. Now don’t get me wrong, because to be honest I love them both. there are also the pro’s and con’s to them both as well. Let’s talk about them and see what you may like at the end.

Let’s start off with location sessions. The thing I love about an on location session is that you have such a large range of verity. When the location is picked, its based off the outfits that you choose to have for your session. With that location so many other locations in that one can be found and used. I love the natural light from being outside.

I really love that golden hour in the summer time when the sun is just at the peek of setting. There is so much beauty doing natural light photography, and finding the spot for you.

The down fall for outdoor photography is trying to predict the weather. You may have the perfect day and the perfect location, and with all this crazy Houston weather it may deciede to rain at any giving time, no notice and then your session has to be rescheduled for another day. I just hate to have to have all the work done, as far as makeup and hair just to have the weather come and rain on the good times.

Then we think about studio sessions. I like studio because aside from rain or sunshine you are able to still shoot. You can do a lot in studio as well. You don’t have to be limited to the creativity just because you are inside. Your in the cool AC, you have an on location changing area instead of the changing tent(which works wonders).

You are limited to the different secenary that you may be able to get compared to being outside. Studio allows for me to be able to get some clean shots in a way that outside does not allow me to, but outside allows me to get such beautiful natural captures of you in a way that the studio does not allow.

When I’m looking for something with some lovely greenery in the summer or spring, like the fields of flowers, or maybe a downtown setting with some buildings in the background, or even some color like the color walls that are all painted, then I will choose a natural light session outside. You can even add in all the props if you play sports.

When I want something a little different like something really clean, or maybe a different kind of set up, modeling look, then I will choose to have my session inside of a studio. Inside studio I love to have props like a huge couch that you can lay or sit on and look natural. Not to mention the holiday setting for Christina’s trees and slumber party shoots. can always use backdrops inside that helps to give a different feel as well.

So you may ask me which do I prefer when it comes to taking pictures for a session, and to be honest I would choose them both for so many different reasons. I love to have so many different looks to add to a session and give the oppuritiny for different looks for you to choose from. Think about them and then think about what you would rather have. Would you rather inside, outside or both. The choice is yours. after all it is your senior session and it’s going to be the memories that you have for yourself and a life time to come.

When choosing both locations, you give yourself an opportunity for so many open options for your session. Just be sure to mention which best works for you when filling out the questionnaire form after booking your session.

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  1. Dana Dyer says:

    What a great variety of locations and studio you have for senior pictures in Houston!

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  2. Magical Memories by Michelle says:

    Shunta, you always offer so many options for senior pictures! Your outdoor location ideas are beautiful and your studio sessions are just as much fun! It seems like many seniors don’t want studio pictures, but these images are definitely not boring like the typical studio session. It’s great that your high school seniors can choose either one or both for their senior portraits!

    Liked by 1 person

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