Throwback Thursday

When we did this session I picked this location because I love the field that is located here. I didn’t know that the fields had started to bloom. I had a view for one of the other areas that is over there, because she had an outfit that was for a skateboard we were using. She bought two other outfits to change into and they turned out to be perfect for the fields. We had started off in this mustard yellow top and a skirt.

When we first arrived is when we walked towards the back of this walking park. The fields were high with these flowers and it was beautiful. We came right around golden hour, and oh my, it was beautiful with the setting. I had my cousin with me to help out. She was there to help hold up the reflector and some other things.

One thing about Haliey is that she is willing to do anything, and to get the shots with her are so easy. I’m always worried about the grass and some of the things that we have to look out for, but I also worry about my clients, because I would hate for them to break out due to grass or maybe the flowers that are in the fields, but she is always willing to lay down or anything that I ask her to do. This session had turned out so good that this was an image that was featured in a Houston Magazine (voyage).

The way that the sun was setting came at the perfect time Setting on her, and she has these beautiful blue eyes. I just really love to have her in front of my camera for so many reasons. I’m going to give you a little background about Haiely. I first started photographing her with a friend of hers. She then became a member of my team, and after she joined we did another session of her. The first time she didn’t really know what to expect, but who does. Then she came to the next one and she came out ready to rock. I can say that she really wasn’t camera shy at all. I wasn’t worried about that. I could tell the confidence did pick up, and I love that when I get to photography clients. I just love to see the pick me up they gain.

So fast forward to this shoot. After we set in with the first outfit she changed into the second outfit that she had, which was a yellow body suit and then these black 70’s shorts.
We took the skateboard and sat in a few areas and then used the field to help settle some of the other photos. She then changed into a black bodysuit with this sheer dress. Very unique, but it was perfect!
This one below is one of my favorites.

We took advantage of the full sunset and location till the light was gone and I got what I wanted. The fact that this is truly her style just blew me away. The dress would of been something I would not have thought of. Sometimes my clients ideas and visions are more then perfect for the shot, and hers was. Thanks for reading up on the a Throwback Thursday blog post!

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