What’s a team Ambassador

Have you seen Someone you may know who is always on my page with pictures taken or is always posting pictures from a session and getting a birthday shoot done?

If you see them all the time popping up on my page is probably because they are a Part of my ambassador team. A what team? An ambassador. Do you ever get those little post or messages on your page from random companies who’s looking for someone just like you to wear their glasses, jewelry, or clothes to be featured on their site?

Well upon applying and getting picked it’s all about fun fun fun. I look for people who are energetic, loves to make new friends and just want to be themselves, as well as willing to dress up for different types of fun shoots. Anyone who fits that has the opportunity to apply and have a chance at being an ambassador, and get this! The only thing that is mainly required is that you post your pics from your shoots! What! Yeap, mainly posting and tagging me. I have had some fun girls on the team, and their friends are always asking them, who did your pictures, or how are you getting all these pictures taken. There are of course more perks then what’s already included.

So just a little of some of the main perks that will come with being a part of the team. You get a schedule that will give you dates and amount of shoots through the year..This gives time for planning. We will have the main meet up shoot first that everyone loves the most.

You will get fun shoots, summer pool, Valentines, Christmas etc, and each year it will change. We are also planning a destination shoot next year to Austin!

You will get a free birthday shoot catered to you! And get this, there is something extra special you will get with your birthday shoot! I will leave that one a surprise. You have the opportunity to get featured by big time senior pages who feature in magazines! These magazines are worldwide! Who doesn’t want to be in a magazine!

So what are you waiting for? If your looking to be a part of something fun and exciting then this is for you. I will be opening applications up really soon, and I promise that you don’t want to miss this years team experience. Once applications are closed I won’t take anyone till the following year. Oh and if your a senior being on the team as bigger perks!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dana Dyer says:

    This team ambassador sounds like so much fun! What a great opportunity for youth to enjoy one another and have photos that document a year of their lives!


  2. Magical Memories by Michelle says:

    Your team ambassadors look like such a fun group!! Love all the candid images as well as the final pictures. If I was a senior I’d want to be on your team!


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