Let’s talk about this session with Benjamin. We had a shoot scheduled at the start of December and was hoping that the weather was going to be nice because we had ran into a lot of rain that week. Our shoot was in the morning, a time I love since it’s not that crowed depending on the location of the shoot.

The day turned out to be nice, a little cool starting off, but turned out so nice. We headed down to Herman park. I arrived about an hour and a half before my client to make sure that all the spots that I wanted to use was still good being that it had rained that morning. Besides I like to get my route together so that we have a smooth time and know where to start and where we will end which is usually back at the starting point so that we don’t have to walk all the way back to get to the car.

Benjamin came already ready with his first outfit, which was black jeans, a black shirt and a blue Jean long sleeve button down shirt over it opened up so that you can see the black shirt. I explained pretty much how the shoot was going to go and how we were going to start in one location and then end up at the last spot to finish off the shoot. His mom went to the car to get the rest of his things while we walked and went to the first location to start the shoot. We started off just me testing my camera, and then just got into the shoot. I have to say that Benjamin was not shy at all.

Benjamin came ready and when I say ready I mean ready. This young man was like a model which I kept telling him every time I snapped the camera lol. I love to see guys come out and kill their session.

I even had mom help out in the first part of the shoot. Yeap I will use any and everyone for me to get the shot. It’s also nice to have the parents involved as well.

After we wrapped up the first part of the shoot with Benjamin’s first outfit, we moved on to the next location and I had him change into the next outfit. He even asked me which top to wear with the pants he choose. I loved the color of his pants because they were a mustard colored yellow with black strips and then a black shirt. The pants really popped on him and worked perfect with the lighting we had.

It was so nice to be able to be at the park and not have a lot of people to walk around or shoot around. He was so good at what he did, it just wasn’t hard to have him pose or give me the look.

We shot for about three hours and that time flew by like we were only there for 30min. I honestly wish I have known him sooner to have him on my Senior Ambassador team. Just take the time to look at some more of his gallery posted below. I was so very honored to have taken Benjamin’s Senior session and I thank his mom Kenya for reaching out to me.

Your senior pictures are a reflection of you and a memory that shouldn’t be overlooked or forgotten. Don’t skip out getting your senior pictures taken by a professional, by taking selfie’s. Have an experience you won’t forget and book a senior session. I look forward to meeting you.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Candace Miller says:

    I love the way you pose guys. He looks comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera but also shows personality. Great photos!


  2. asollen says:

    Handsome senior photos! Benjamin looks so comfortable in all his shots. You have made him into a Rockstar! I can see how he could be a fabulous senior ambassador.


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