First model team

Let’s get this throwback Thursday started shall we!

The first time that I put a crew together, I had my daughter in high school and it was the best time to really start getting a Senior and teen team together. I used most of her close friends, got with their parents and talked to them about what I was looking for. Once I explained what I was doing they were all in. Our very first shoot I planned out and sent all the information of what to wear and what to bring for each outfit change. I had shirts made and then had socks that matched, but I had them wear either black or white shorts depending on the shirts that was assigned to them.

From the shorts I had them do a casual outfit of their choice and then had them do a dressy outfit of their choice. The location was at this old house that was built was before the 70’s but was kept up so well and sat on so much land way off the street. A couple of guys had bought it and then rented it out as a studio.

This location was the perfect spot, and they called it coyote crossing. The staff was so friendly and attended to any and everything that we needed. I rented it out for a full day shoot, 6 hours all planned out. We stopped in teen for lunch and then afterwards finished off. I had bought this chair with me that I got for a steal for $10.00 and online sold for over $100.00

For the first shoot everything worked out on schedule and perfectly according to plan. I literally got exactly what I wanted from the girls. After pictures were posted they went to school showing them off and reposting. When their prints came back they showed them off at school as well. From there I was hooked on my model ambassador team and what they brought to the table.

starting a new year I have put so much other things in place and I have so many things planned this year for my team. Speaking of teams, if you haven’t signed up or on the fence about signing up, get with your parents and have them contact me so that I can tell them all the exciting things I have in store. Once the applications close, I will be sending out the team packages full of goodies, including a plan sheet for all the shoots. It’s nothing like getting a package in the mail with a team shirt, other goodies for the first big shoot, and just extra goodies, the magazine for what to expect being on the team and all the perks that come along with it! Go ahead! Have your parents reach out to me ASAP. Don’t miss out on all the extra you get just for being on the team that no one else will get!

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