Model Teams

Have you been in the fence about joining the team? Have you had questions about what it’s really about when we say apply to be an ambassador? Well guess what? I’m about to lay it out in a little detail exactly what it’s all about. Ready to have some information you can share with your parents so that you can have them contact me about joining the team, then get ready for a little insight.

I have added some great things this year and still adding so what you see listed here is just going to be the beginning of it. Say what!! Yeap!

  1. So let’s start off with the benefits you will get through the year. Studio and outdoors, studio takeover, their senior session and opportunities for any special shoot ideas or promotions.
    The team shoot is the first shoot we do with everyone together in the first shoot out meet up! This shoot usually is an all day shoot!(yes food is included with goodie bags) shoot comes with four different outfits, one that will be team shorts shorts and knee socks!


This shoot will be 3 hours long and well you guessed it! We are going for the model look. Oohhh yeah!


This shoot will include the Volvo van with a boho look added. This shoot will also last at least 3 hours on a location that will fit the van and the look.


Anywhere from 3 hours to 5 hour shoot, you will get to takeover the studio with 4-5 of your friends each of you changing into either 3 outfits or a theme shoot! You will be able to choose dates for your shoot from the calendar provided. That day will be set aside for you and your friends.


All of our Senior Ambassador Models will get a senior session booked to their date, and up to a five hour shoot. This will include your cap and gown session as well.


Who doesn’t love denim? We will have an all denim shoot scheduled for all the ambassadors on the team.


I’m adding this in this year for you to be able to get your prom pics taken with at least two of your friends or your sweetheart. Prom dates are booked at a certain time only and we will talk about this more once joining


This is some of the teams best feature. You get to get your Birthday shoot done! I require this shoot to be done at least three weeks out before your actual birthday, so if it’s something you know you want to do we plan this ahead of time.

Now! If this made you excited, there is still a few more shoots included as well. Once you have spoken to your parents and you apply we will set up a consultation and talk about all the shoots and plan your dates for your birthday shoot if you choose, and everything else. I usually have a calendar planned out with the dates outlined so that everyone can see the dates. This is the time to ask any questions you may have about the team and the experience.

I am booking 2022, 2023 Seniors for the team.

If your reading this and and your not in that group yet, don’t feel bad because I have a team for the teens as well and if you want to know more about that then stay tuned because I have a blog post coming real soon!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. jeanine says:

    I love your senior portraits and your senior model team members are so lucky! It’s clear you pour your heart and soul into your senior portrait sessions. Beautiful photos!


  2. Magical Memories by Michelle says:

    OMG Shunta!!! Your model team looks like so much fun! I love all the ideas you have! These seniors will have so much fun doing prom sessions and birthday sessions and studio sessions and and and…you really do offer everything for high school graduates!


  3. Jodi Major says:

    Holy cow. These girls get it all. How awesome is your program for your senior girls? So wonderful for them!


  4. asollen says:

    Well this is where it’s at! Model teams that look this good and have this much fun need to bring their friends along and share the benefits of a senior photo session with you. Love that you are working ahead on teams for 2022


  5. Brandi Price says:

    What an amazing opportunity for your seniors! You have set up an awesome model team program!


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