I talked about the great benefits for the Senior ambassador model team. Now what about the teens?

I created a team for the teens to be able to enjoy some of the fun and benefits. When you sign up as a Teen ambassador you will have all the following included.


The team shoot will be the first meet up and two other meet ups in the year. This will be the meet and greet, introduce yourself shoot and headshots


This shoot will be you and a best friend. It’s always nice to have a Bestfriend included. We will either choose on location or studio for the shoot.


This is a new shoot I’m adding this year! I’m creating some giant candy and we are going to have a full on shoot!! Yay!

But we are doing GIANT candy!!! Does this excite you? It definitely does for me!

(not my photo)


I want this shoot to pretty much speak what it says. This here is my biggest motto! Being who you are and happy with you! So if you want to be basic then basic it is, sweat pants? Sure why not!

Photo by cottonbro on

5. P.J’s and popcorn!

Yeap, pj’s and popcorn for a shoot! We are talking about a shoot with pillow fights and popcorn. Pretty much a slumber party session!

6. Birthday shoot!

yes you also get the added fun of a birthday shoot as well. There is nothing like having a photo session of your birthday the way you want.
(and it come with a box of goodies)

And more! So what are you waiting for? Come join the teen ambassador model team and have some fun with some year round shoots! Oh and I forgot to mention that at the end of the year there is a magazine look book full of the years shoot images inside available for purchase! Can’t wait to see you on the team!

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