Are you session ready

You’ve booked your session, your excited and it’s one week out till your shoot. What do you do? How do you make sure that your session ready?

First and far most after you book and choose a date, we will plan and schedule a time for your free consultation. It can be over the phone, or face time if you want to see an actual face and feel Like we are meeting in person. (We usual would meet somewhere in person and talk so that I can meet mom and the senior and get to know them more)

during this time of the consultation we will talk about outfits and shoes and other things. Now how do you make sure that your ready for your session?

1. Seven days before your shoot, all outfits should be planned out and shown to me to make sure I can find the perfect fit for your sessions. Not just that, I have to make sure it’s a location that doesn’t need a permit to shoot at. Sometimes it can take more then 24-48 hours to get permission to shoot at a location.

I have had people order an outfit saying that it will be here before the shoot, the perfect location was found to fit only to have them show up in something totally different because their outfits didn’t come on time. You may ask “what does it matter”. As a photographer a vision goes into place when we see an outfit and pick that location. Making sure you have what fits for you is what I strive for. As a matter of fact I have driven to the location I had in mind for the outfit, just to look and see where I will start and move to during the shoot, and not just that, if you have a location in mind, I also go and look to see how that location fits your outfit.

2. Make sure that all jewelry is separated and together.
keep this packed in the bag that you plan on bringing, so that you know you have everything with you. Place each pair of earrings in a separate small zip lock bag, as well as your necklaces, and any other small jewelry.

3. Make sure you stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water a week before your shoot. You will be surprised at how some water can help make your skin glow. Make sure that hair appointments and makeup appointments are at a time that won’t infer with your drive and shoot time. Also make sure that your nails aren’t to bright for your outfit.(this will cause more focus on your nails and not you.) If your wearing polish make sure that your nail polish isn’t chipped.

So lets think about the few days following up to your session. What are you going to do to make sure that you have everything and not forgetting something. The best thing to do is two days before your shoot, not the night before. Make sure that your bags are packed with all the clothes you are going to bring. make sure to hang anything up that can get wrinkled really easy. Carry clothes like that on a hanger and in a carrying bag. make sure that all your shoes, jewelry, and other small things are packed. Don’t forget any hair ties.

Bring snacks, a bottled water or something small. Trust me it helps. You would be surprised at how a photo shoot can make you a little hungry. Besides, if you are allergic to anything, you want to make sure you have what you can eat.

Think about hats, sports gear, jackets, baseball gloves, footballs, anything sports related if you play sports. All of these things help to add to your session. Girls can think about some simple added things, like hats, jackets, extra jelerwy, as well as sports gear and clothing. Your session speaks you and memories for you. There is so much more that can be added and we talk about all of that during your consultation after booking.

we also talk about what to do and not to do before your session like getting eyebrows done or hair cuts. Yes believe it or not those are some important things to talk about before your session and making sure that your session ready. Whew! I know that was a load full and I promise you that all these things play an important role in your senior session.

Ready to book? Contact me and let’s let’s talk. If you just have some basic questions send me a message or give me a call and I will be more then happy to answer any questions that you may have.


Pink Lilly Photography


3 Comments Add yours

  1. asollen says:

    Session preparation is key. This is good information here on preparation for a successful senior session. Great tips.


  2. Jodi Major says:

    Being session ready is key to a smooth senior session. Great tips!


  3. Jeanine says:

    Your session preparation tips are so valuable. It’s clear to see your heart is in this, from thoughtful prep to beautiful images!


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