Throw Back Thursday

It’s Thursday and I am posting a throwback session. This young lady Amalia reached out to me after seeing some sessions that I had actually did with some of her friends and classmates that she knew. After Amalia reached out to me we talked and planned on a date to do a session.

Amalia talked with me about outfits and she came with this off the shoulder yellow top that fit her so well. The color really popped on her, and with the time of day which was shot at, near sunset was perfect. She wore some light stoned washed ripped jeans that helped to not take away from the top. I loved the clear hills that she wore, and that was the first thing I know I complimented her on lol. The earrings that she wore were some gold loops with a rose in the middle that matched perfectly with her top. From a distance it looks like a little yellow stone.

I knew that Amalia was nervous, just meeting me for the first time and getting in front of the camera. We chatted for a little before getting started. One thing that she did that I tell a lot of the girls to do, is to bring some flip flops, or flats that you can wear around so that your not walking in hills from location to location. Even if your use to walking in hills it helps to just change out of them for a min until getting to the next spot to put them on again. Besides, sometimes we are walking on rocks and walking through dirt and I wouldn’t want you to have your shoes all messed up or dirty before the next shoot with them on.

The location that we went to is a location that I use pretty often. Its just the setting of this location that I know can work in so many different ways, and it fits for so many different looks. We started off by the water on a bridge and then made our way over to another bridge. That sunset that was behind her was so beautiful.

At some point as you can also see she took off the hills and we just did a few shots with out them. It gave her photo a little more relaxed feel with the location of where she was sitting on top of the bridge.

Under the sitting area they have these red orange tables and they pop. With the color that she was wearing and the table, it wasn’t to much at all. I loved the mix and pop it had on her finish photo.

I loved everything about meeting Amalia, her personality and who she was. I love getting to know and meet new people. I love to capture them in front of the camera, and I love love when I can see the reaction from someone when I show them the back of the camera and they can’t believe it’s them. This boost up so much more confidence for them to relax and you will get better results and more natural smiles.

If you like seeing the throwback Thursday blog posts, then keep in tune and make sure that you are following my page so that you can get the notifications for every blog post. you never know, you might see your session on on blog. Don’t be shy, leave a comment.

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