Gabby session

Gabby signed up to be on my teen team her ninth grade year. That first year she got the chance to go to the team meet and greet for our first big shoot. The plans that I had and the bus that I rented for the shoot couldn’t come because it rained. Pretty much most of that whole shoot wasn’t what I planned out because of the weather. It sucked. It was such a beautiful location that I have rented there before. It’s no longer there because they tore it down, but it was such a beautiful old house that had been there for years and bought by some guys who rented it as a studio, as they also did photography and video. big beautiful cottage home with 8 bedrooms, and sat on some huge beautiful land. Pretty much what I would love to have a studio on. Well that day we pretty much had to make new plans for the shoot and just shoot inside, that I couldn’t really even use the front porch like I wanted to as well.

When we planned for her birthday shoot that same year for her first year on the team it rained pretty much that whole month, another bummer, and ended up skipping that year. Come the next year we planned for her birthday shoot and, well yeap you may be able to guess but it rained again, but we weren’t going to let that keep us this time. I had already planned on a studio shoot because I knew that it might rain. It wasn’t the studio that I wanted, but turned out to be a great studio for her shoot. I let her bring two friends to shoot with her and join in on the fun. It turned out great.

Now lets talk about this shoot I have been so over the moon with. Fast forward to the new year of 2021 and we started a few of her pictures. I knew that I wanted to try something new this year. I wanted to start taking pictures from my teens and my seniors and having a vote done for some of their pictures to the public. With that picture that was chosen, I was going to have them branded all over my printing materials to go out. Stickers, folders, cards, mailers. I actually have more teens this year then I do seniors, which is ok.

Gabby’s session also showed me just what I really wanted to focus on with my shoots. I want to focus on a lot more model like editorial shoots. We had planned this out and I send out information on what all she needed to bring to the shoot and what I was looking for. I got with Gabby about the way that she was actually going to wear her hair, and she sent me a video. I was in love as soon as I saw and already came up with some ideas. We planned four shoots in one.

Valentines was the first shoot that we had in mind, so that was pretty last min. Whew, not what usually happens , but so much other stuff was going on. Then mom and I talked about adding a little mix of black history in her shoots. The third was St. Patty’s, and then the last one was actually some jeans and a white top. Whew! ok, so lets start with the Valentines shoot! Super cute red dress she had and some hills, and also barefoot. you can’t get a pic without being barefoot lol.

I used this white umbrella from some old lighting I had and added the hearts falling from it. I then took a pic with some cut out hearts that we placed inside and then had her lift it over her so that the hearts feel out. Oh! let me not forget about the mirror ball I had been so excited to use.

Next we changed into the St. Patty’s outfit, so cute and green is so her color. She had on the long knee socks that I bought with the shirt that I added in the package for her. Certain shoots I buy the things that I need them to wear, like shirts, or socks.

We then changed into her top that had the colors for black history. We used the mirror ball for a lot of this shoot and then the chair.

After we finished with that one she went to go change and then realized that she didn’t have her white top. Now this is when things went to a different turn. I had a white button down shirt that I asked her to put on over her other top, and with the first couple of pictures she had it tied up in the front. I then sat and looked at her for a min. and I wanted something a little different that was going to stand out, so I asked her to wear a pair of earrings that I got for my style closet. OMG! I tell you how that changed up the look. I had her untie the shirt and then Bam that was the image.

Gabby was a natural in front of the camera that i really didn’t have to tell her anything. I started of the pose and then she finished it. She was so comfortable in front of the camera and you can definitely see it. As I am winding down the call for my teens, who would like to join the team, this is just something to help get them excited about, and what they will be doing. Who wouldn’t like to have their face on the front of every marketing or information going out? Talking about feeling like a model! If your a teen and want to be a part of this exciting opportunity, then now is time to get with your parents, because applications are closing on the 5th of March!

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  1. What a beautiful young lady. Gabby is lucky to have such an amazing teen photographer work with her


  2. Andrea says:

    Love Gabby’s senior photos! Really looks like it was a fun session and so many neat poses were captured. She will look back on this special year of her life with vivid memories!


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