Cameron’s Throwback Thursday

Let’s talk about this throwback Thursday with my nephew Cameron.

2018 was somewhat around the time I really decided to take my photography more serious and get back into business. I have always loved the camera, and had always taken pictures, but I wasn’t really pushing into doing it like a business. Then my sister-in-law came to me and asked me about taking Cameron’s senior pictures. It got me to thinking, but of course I wasn’t going to turn down getting the opportunity of getting his pictures done.

The weekend they came to Houston from Dallas was pretty cool out and it rained. the day of his session it had stopped raining, but it was still a little mist in the air, and it was a nice little breeze flowing. Her and my brother dropped my niece and nephews off with me while they went to do some other things. We headed on over to the location that I had picked out and started off in a spot that was dry at the time to start.

Cameron started off with a black button down shirt and some jeans with these fancy blue shoes and added his Leatherman jacket ads well. We took a few shots in that location and then moved on to the next location which was in the same neighborhood but around the corner. When we got there we played around with the location and got some shots and then it started to rain a little, but more like a mist, so while we had the chance I added my niece and my youngest nephew in some of the pictures of them all just having some fun.

One of things that I have always loved about them is how close they are with one another. It’s a closeness that you don’t see to often with siblings, and they have always had it as well as how they are when they come to visit and they get together with my kids. It’s as if they were never apart and had just seen one another the day before.

This session of my nephew really made me realize the love that I had for this group for Seniors, and this is when I said that I wanted to do Seniors. I love the energy that they bring and the energy that feeds off that for me to help hype and excite them about their pictures.

Now I strive to build the confidence to get the pose and to get the look I’m going for to give you the best senior session for you and your parents.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Jodi Major says:

    Great being able to have family in your throwback session and realizing your love of this age!


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