Happy 13th Birthday Haley!

Haley’s mom booked her shoot way back in November for us to do her session. I looked at some dates and picked April because I figured that the weather would be a lot better. Come April we met up at the studio downtown and started off with her first outfit she came in, her dress which was so pretty. First off let me tell you!! Her outfits!!!!

I asked mom (Sabrina) if she had her outfits picked out already and she told me that she was having them made. So Haley knew Exactly what she wanted. She helped design all three outfits to what she wanted, like color and style! I loved every single one of them, but my favorite one was the plaid jumpsuit. She came ready with jewelry and hair styles! Haley’s energy was perfect. Her makeup was done by a friend of the family who did an awesome job keeping her looking like a teenager and natural. Nervous from the start, It didn’t take Haley long to warm up.

I first shot with Sabrina and her family for a family session a few years back. So it was an honor when she asked me to do Haley’s 13th Birthday. As she started to warm up and I was able to see the energy she brought to the table and her features I was sure I wanted her on my teen team. Haley got to the point that she started to pose herself which I loved! Talking about a princess diva!!!! I honestly can’t wait to shoot with her again!

Happy Birthday Haley I hope you have a fun filled day!

Check out more of Haley’s session below, and leave a happy birthday in the comments for her!!!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Magical Memories by Michelle says:

    Haley is absolutely gorgeous!!! It’s so important to take pictures at every age especially the teen years. They grow and change so fast!


  2. Brandi says:

    Happy 13th birthday Haley! I absolutely love her style! All of her outfits are perfect!


  3. Kelleen says:

    OMG! that red jumper is divine, and she killed it! is she really 13?!?! So stunning!


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