Myron’s senior session

If you had the chance to read the blog post before Myron’s then you have a little insight that his session was one in two. Myron and his cousin both had their session at the same time but totally two different sessions. We did snap a few of them together and we also got video of them together as well. It’s not often that you have two sessions in one.

I have to admit that I am very excited to be getting his blog post up, because for one I get a lot of females, and I love them, but I also like to photography guys and not to many guys actually like to get their pictures taken. I know a few females that don’t really want senior pictures, but their parents do, so they get them. Well when I got Myron in front of the camera I was actually excited and nervous at the same time. Not because I didn’t know what to do. Like I mentioned I get a lot of females, so the poses are easy to guide. Guys are simple but tricky all at the same time. Most of the time its about they way they stand, where they place their hands.

Once they get comfortable its a wrap. Thats what I love. Ok so let me tell you, I met Myron and his mom Monique one time before. He’s actually the cousin, and his mom the aunt of two of my former senior reps. I got a lot of nice smiles and laughs from Myron, and to say its hard to get natural looking smiles. A lot of times saying “smile” just don’t work. While I was taking his pictures his mom was doing some video and taking pics as well. His mom was also on the phone with family and as I was taking the pictures she was showing them. It was funny because you can hear them all hyped up saying “yes that’s the pose right there!” and we all started laughing, but it made him laugh and I captured that natural smile which really shows in the frame of the camera.

Myron had this sweater made that said 2021 and had pictures of him in them. I loved the cream color that was added to the light washed jeans. He then pulled out the leather-man Jacket and we got some shots with him by the water, we also added the graduation hat with him sitting on the steps.

When we moved along the way Myron put on his white dress shirt with some cuff links, and his light khaki dress pants. We sat over by the water, got a few shots and Then we moved over to the same wall that I got with his cousin. I had him add his cap and gown and I got a shot of him throwing his cap up as well as tossing it at me. I loved that shot and how it captured. By then Myron was more than comfortable in front of the frame and it wasn’t much I had to say. On top of the video the capture I got of him with certain poses was actually caught on video and it was captured perfect by Cor-Vizon. At the end of the session in the video For-Vizon got a shot of them driving off with him saying peace and Gabrielle waving her pom pom’s. Perfect, just perfect. saying goodby to the school year of 2021!

Congratulations Myron on your graduation for 2021. All the hard work has Paid off and now it’s time for a new journey. Thank you Monique for trusting me to capture Myron’s senior pictures, it was an honor!


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  1. Andrea says:

    Handsome fellow and handsome senior photography. I enjoyed this blog because Myron looks so relaxed and posing is natural. He looks like he’s totally at ease which is a testament to a senior photographer who knows how to work with seniors. Excellent photography.

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  2. Brandi says:

    I love when senior guys can relax and just enjoy the experience!

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  3. I love this senior session. I especially love the picture of him tossing his cap towards the camera! So cool!

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    1. Thank you, he actually liked that one as well!


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