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Julia’s GRAFFITI wall shoot

So where do we start?

Let’s start from the moment I first talked to Julia over face time with her mom Sharon to talk about her senior session and what she wanted. Julia started off by mentioning that she had seen some of her friends senior session and although they were nice she wasn’t looking for flowers and fields. That was one attention grabber!

Julia started to state that she wanted something different that would showcase her, something that would actually fit her personality. Well what is my motto? “Just Be You”, Ok so show me the outfits! Julia pulled out this red dress with white polka dots and then showed me the boots she wanted to wear with them. She also showed me the black one piece she wanted to wear and told me some of her ideas. Well let’s back up for a moment. She mentioned all the things that she was involved in and o e of them was photography! Let me add! She’s really good at it too! She is also involved in theater, she does all the makeup and everything. Not to mention as her mom pointed out that she also sings! Very talented young lady with a lot going on in high school.

Ok so after looking at all the outfits and listening to her tell me some of her ideas, I told her I would start to look at locations that fit best. Julia ended up contacting me and telling me she also had this yellow dress that she wanted to add into the shoot that she didn’t get a chance to show me. I told her to bring it along. My first thought was downtown with one of her looks, but as I started to think about all the colors and the paint idea she had for the end the shoot, it hit me and I contacted her and asked her about the graffiti wall. I mean come on, perfect for her look and all the colors! She said it was perfect!

The day of the shoot I arrived early to the location of course so that I could look around and see what we were working with to find they took the stairs down, which was a huge area I wanted to use. Ugh, that was disappointing for sure. Not to mention as we were there it started to get cloudy and at one point actually started to rain. have you noticed that rain has been in the last couple of blog post? I was so happy that it was just a rain cloud here and there, and I will say after it pasted we had nothing but heat.

The first outfit was her yellow dress mixed with her cap and gown. Julia came with hats and shades to mach these outfits. She had a vision as much as I did for her session. As we did her session I had Cor_Vizion along doing behind the scenes video of her.

Julia’s next outfit was the red and white polka dot dress, and I loved the whole look. She also brought out these white shades that gave me the 70’s look. When they arrived her mom told me that Julia was most nervous about not being able to pose I wanted her to, but believe It or not I only posed her a very few times. Julia really did it all on her own. She took direction from me with one pose and took it from there.

Next Julia went to change into her black and white pants with a white top and in this shot she was using her makeup pallet and her camera. She actually had her makeup box with her, but because mine was black she decided to use mine so that it all matched together. this part of the session had so much style to it and she even grabbed her leather-man jacket and added that into the shoot with her acceptance letter.

Once Julia changed into her last outfit we got some shots and then moved back over the the wall so that she could add all the paint on her face and we could finish off the shoot. As she sat there putting on the paint you could just see the people walking buy wondering what was going on while in the meantime Cor_Vizion was doing some video. Now let me tell you something about this shoot. So Julia’s mom started to tell me while Julia was applying her paint that she actually told Julia no to the graffiti wall. I never knew that. Julia had orginonally wanted to come to the graffiti wall but mom wasn’t sure about it. But then here I go saying that this would actually be the best location that would actually fit all her outfits with all the colors. Her mom actually was very happy with the turn out of the session and how it all tied in together for her session.

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  1. Magical Memories by Michelle says:

    What a fun photo shoot!!! I love all the graffiti and vibrant colors! If high school seniors want help with what to wear for senior pictures, this session is on point! The polka dots, the jacket, the patterns, the shoes…all perfection!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I so agree! Thank you! I loved everything about her and her session!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Brandi says:

    The posing on this senior session is amazing! She looks like an absolute natural in front of the camera!


    1. She was a complete natural and the funny thing about that is that she was nervous that she wouldn’t be able to pose like I would ask her to.


  3. Jodi Major says:

    What a beautiful young lady and the graffiti walls are awesome!


    1. I love what can be done at graffiti walls


  4. Kelly Hite says:

    Her style is magnificent and it works with the wall so well! My fave is the yellow dress, she is stunning! beautiful session!


    1. Thank you, the yellow dress was also one of her favorites.


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