Gabby’s sweet 16

Sweet 16

Gabby and I had talked about her birthday session and what she wanted to do this year. She told me she wanted something different. She didn’t want to do the balloons and the cake, but something different that can stand out for her 16th. I told her we would think of something, and she came back with an idea.

She wanted something similar to a bohemian shoot. Great idea! She showed me this dress and showed me how her hair was done already which would go perfect with it. I called around because there was this one studio that had that same style, with sand and the total look, but they were already booked. boomer! So then I thought about the volkswagan van that would of been perfect, but they were booked, emailed me back and I just wasn’t feeling the price for two hours. Last min yes I get it, but the price no! Sorry. welp that left us to find another spot and I had one in mind!

The first location was a park. I wanted the colors and I wanted the lake for her first outfit. Those pants were so freaking cute and were perfect! Gabby had her hair in some twists and she added the gold clamps that helped to bring out the look. It was hot!! The sun was not setting yet and ww were hot, but you Definitely can’t tell. The sun actually helped give a perfect glow to her light skin tone. We played by the lake for awhile with some shots and then walked over to the actual play area, and tried out some different shots. I was all about the shade.

With each outfit she decided to go without shows, and it worked perfect for what she was going for. I get overly excited with sessions and I love to show a few images from behind the camera so they can see just what I see when I’m hopping up and down screaming “yes!!” lol and yes I really do that.

When we were done i had her go change and she changed into this long beautiful bohemian style dress. I was absolutely in love with it. We got in the car cooled down with some nice AC and moved along to the next location. A good little walk to the bridge, but we made it without falling out from heat. I almost didn’t know where to start with such a lovely dress, but trust me, the ideas came a running!

The sun was at a point where it was almost setting so we moved around a lot. That bridge was so perfect as well as this small walk through in the field with some tall grass.

The last outfit was this long white dress that came off the shoulders. I choose to start in a small batting cage that was in the middle of a field we went to. The location of the sun gave a perfect fit of light for some different angles of her pictures, plus gave me room to play with the light and shadow.

The shadow on her was just amazing!

I mean look at that white dress how she just brought a totally different look to it!

It was a great pleasure to help creat her vision for her sweet 16th Birthday!!

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  1. Magical Memories by Michelle says:

    Gabby’s sweet 16 photo shoot is amazing!! I love how she selected a variety of outfits. It’s always hard to decide what to wear for a teen photo shoot, but each outfit really shows her personality! You caught everything from her fun smiles to her stunning serious look! Wow, she’s just gorgeous!!!


  2. Keith haynes says:

    Such beautiful images and a wonderful idea. Very unique and great use of the natural light.


  3. jeanine says:

    wow! Gabby is gorgeous and I love her Sweet 16 Bohemian Style photo session. You captured her beautifully!


  4. Deborah A. says:

    What a great 16th birthday celebration! You so nailed the bohemian look and Gabby was so stunning in all of her portraits!


  5. Kelleen Hite says:

    Gabby is stunning in these sweet 16 portraits! I love her in red and I love her hair!!


  6. Brandi says:

    What a fun and beautiful sweet 16 photo shoot! That red dress on her is just STUNNING!


  7. asollen says:

    Gabby’s sweet 16 photo session is adorable! I love the posing. Gabby looks totally natural and comfortable in front of the camera. I am sure that is due to your skills at keeping your peeps feeling at ease in front of you and posing them to perfection! Well done!


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