Throwback Thursday

It’s really been awhile since I posted a throwback Thursday blog post. There has been a lot of things in the making and a lot of things that I have been working on aside from my senior, teens, and tween sessions. So to get things back on the ban wagon lets kick off with a little throwback Thursday.

I had to really decide on what session I wanted to feature as the Thursday blog post for this throwback Thursday, but I decided to post this session from Haliey who I met from one of my models Alexis. They actually worked together and she had saw the pictures that I did of her and wanted to know about getting a session done. Of course I was for it, so I actually added her into a session with Alexis.

For this session we had planned on a little boho type session, and she was so nervous and really didn’t know what to expect, but we had talked some time before the shoot. Her main thing was that she of course like most girls I get, she wasn’t feeling confident about certain things with herself.

Its really crazy because, because most of these girls will take selfies, and of course love them, but then of course when they think about professional pictures with a real photographer, their mind frame change to think they won’t be good enough in front of the camera or not photogenic. This is where we as photographers get to have fun. We get to show them just how beautiful they are and how we see things and capture them in a different way than what they actually see in themselves.

So to start off this shoot I picked a location that have these beautiful rocks and waterfall that’s in a neighborhood and a lot of photographers go to and shoot. It really did have a part of the feel that I was going for. She showed up in this brown dress with the details of flowers and colors that actually went perfect. She added a brown belt, and with her dark black hair color and her light blue eyes, she was perfect. I was actually very memorized by her.

What got me was that she was great at the poses and she rocked relaxing her face and the expressions. It was really the whole look that she had and I knew just from this first shoot that I definitely wanted to shoot with her again.

We shot near this water fall and the grass was grown up a little so i had her sit on a rock that was there and i just kind of bent down a little to get the shot that I wanted.

The little head pice was a headband we just used to add an extra little touch to the style. I absolutely loved this session.

Thanks for taking the time to read the throwback blog post. stay tuned for other Thursday’s to see who I will feature next.

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